Yep, I'm good.

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Default Yep, I'm good.

Update from Joe. This is why ya'll haven't been seeing all the usual self deprecating, witty remarks from me in the last couple months.

Been saving our shop in Miami in June, 10 days vacation visiting family on the west coast, then:

Many of you know I travel for work, kind of the fireman for the company. I have 18 years retail management experience, decided to get out to do good old fashion manual labor installing Dish Network.

That didn't last long. I ended up leading the group of guys, then because I just can't keep my mouth shut, I was promoted to this position.

Just took my first vacation in 5 years. The best one ever, the most I've ever disconnected from work. This was on very strict orders from my boss. Little did I know the evil plot he had in store for me.

The day before I get back, I get an email from him telling him my next task was not a bunch of subcontractor installers, but a roomfull of 18 women (and a gay guy) in our central dispatch center in Tennessee.

I've never been so scared in my life.

I have absolutely no qualifications for this position other than managing people, and I did MCI telemarketing for a year (sorry if I called at dinner).

Well - three weeks in, 100 hours a week - I've fixed the place. We've had five people in the last 3 years attempt to fix this, it chewed up everyone else. Our revenue is up 15%, our labor is down 20%, all field offices are telling me we rock, and our client is happy. And the girls still love me! (and Donny never stopped...)

Once again I've proven to myself that I can take something, pull it apart, see how it works, and rebuild it better ~ and once again was something totally new to me. And dammit, that just rocks my world!

Not bad for a redneck who barely made it out of high school.

I'm getting older, I'm getting . By the time I die I might be perfect.

Next week home to put on the new lower unit and hit the water.

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Default RE: Yep, I'm good.

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Default RE: Yep, I'm good.

GREAT job, Joe - you can't beat believing in one's self to get you on the ball and turn it "all" around!

Oh - got any pics of "Donny"???

CHEERS to 'ya!

And, in honor of your accomplishments, I have signed up on the "Do Not Call" list!

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Default Re: Yep, I'm good.


Momma always said, never brag on your car, kids or job.
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Default Re: Yep, I'm good.

twentynine - 7/24/2006 7:01 AM


Momma always said, never brag on your car, kids or job.

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