Water, water - everywhere!

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Default Water, water - everywhere!

Was talking to a neighbor the other day who's S-I-L took his family on a "cruise" out of mid- Chesapeake Bay to the Carolinas - 50-or-so ft. ??? boat.

Stopped at a marina in VA (on the ICW) to gas up and spend the night.

Next morning - NADA - boat would NOT start!

Turns out they got about 500gal. fuel (assume diesel?) AND xxxgal. of WATER (it was determined) in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boat had to be towed to a "pump-out" place and they got a rental car back to Richmond (home)!

Neighbor said there was a "million-dollar boat" at the SAME marina (same time) that had the SAME thing happen!

Marina was picking up the tab for fuel, pump-out, and rental car - and I'm sure some "pain and suffering expenses"!

No other details at this point, but obviously put a damper on the "cruise"!

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Default Re: Water, water - everywhere!

Now how do you suppose that happened?

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