I'm missing something !!!

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Default I'm missing something !!!

Similar ? What are they smoking ???

Texas' favorite beaver topples alligator in logo lawsuit
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That makes no sense at all.
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I've never been to Choke Canyon, but screw Bucees. I'll never spend a dime in any of their stores, unless they change their parking rules. But I digress. I don't see any similarity in the logos.
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A jury decided that the two logos are similar, that's crazy.
I wonder if they managed to get the same jurors that were on the OJ Simpson jury panel.
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Thank you !
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Well they are both cartoon animals wearing hats and they are both in right profile so...yeah, I'm completely confused over them. How would I ever know whether I was in a BBQ joint or a gas station?
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Boy was I ever pissed when I wheeled into Choke Canyon to fuel up.
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Attorney's.....the only winners here.....tards!
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View the photos given to the jury and it will make more sense. It's not the similarities of the logos as much as similarities in products and store layouts.
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