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Default why

My wife passed on May 19th at 54, me 66. When I met her it was instant love over 20 years ago. She moved in and had a bi pass heart surgery the next year as soon as she was recovered I asked her to marry me because I did not want to loose her with out that special bond.

In the last 24 hrs. I have mostly stared at a blank TV screen, asked god why and called out to the people she was most close to. Had to get drunk to get some sleep, my mind would not stop. I knew she would pass first in my heart ,given that she was told many years ago that she would not live beyond 35.

Please do not live with any regrets. Since one month and one day after retirement have passed to her leaving my life, I hope I have removed all the major regrets regarding my wife.

The only person on THT that knows us is Triumph Rick as far as I know.

No need to post a reply............ This is a feeble attempt to tribute my wife, best friend, first mate and fishing buddy.

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So sorry, much too young....cherish the memories you had.
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May she RIP. Sorry for your loss.
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So sorry, Ed. Heartfelt condolences.
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Very, very sorry
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Ed, it's a lousy damn club to belong to, very sorry.
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Default Club

Originally Posted by Gullpt View Post
Ed, it's a lousy damn club to belong to, very sorry.
Never thought about it that way and you sir are so right.
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Default hurts....she wouldn't want you miserable.
positivity and man hug sent.

Nice catch!!! Both of them!!!

Great pic...go outside..acomplish something today...then there's tomorrow to conquer
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Sounds like a great lady and great relationship. So, sorry for your loss. Peace be with you.
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Take your boat out. God Bless
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God bless you Ed...I know we have talked lately, but I never knew Sue passed away..

Damn man...I knew how close you two were and I cant imagine how rough things might be for you now.

If you need to get away you are always welcome here. I will call you later this morning

Sue was a sweet lady, and I have yet to meet anyone who was more ready to drop what they were doing and head out on the boat. Her love for fishing and being on the water was huge....and you two had such a special bond.

I know things are tough now, but the pain will ease as you look back on all those years of great memories you had together that the doctors said you would not have.

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God bless, Ed. Be tough guy. The pain will never pass, but the memories will help you smile.
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Sorry for your loss. Beautiful photo!
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Sorry for your loss. I'm sure she would want you to live on doing what you love to do.
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My heart is with you this morning, RIP Sue

Peace to you Ed
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So sorry for your loss,prayers sent.
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Some questions of "why" have no right answers - peace be with you.
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Here is a passage I find comforting. Condolences on your loss.
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Very sorry, man. I'm thinking of you. Peace.
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Wow, way too soon. Sorry for your loss.
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