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bluffman2 05-19-2018 02:21 PM

Pond dyes
are they worth it? I have a 2
acre pond and 6 acre pond and I would like to clear up the water on the bigger one have any of you use these dyes Iím reading about?

bluffman2 05-19-2018 02:21 PM

autobaun70 05-19-2018 02:36 PM

If you use a bit too much, you will turn your ducks blue.

bluffman2 05-19-2018 02:40 PM

We have geese

autobaun70 05-19-2018 02:44 PM

Originally Posted by bluffman2 (Post 11436014)
We have geese

might work on them too. If you had some of those fancy looking white ducks, you could turn them into a whole flock of smurfs. As it turns out, estimating pond volume is a bit more difficult than one would think.

bluffman2 05-19-2018 02:54 PM

Volume. 4 acres is 20-25 ft deep and 2 acres is 2 ft deep (bedding areas)

ReelPlumber 05-20-2018 01:54 AM'll turn all your fish into bluegills.:grin:

miguelitro 05-20-2018 02:10 AM

If the water is too clear the fish may be too embarrassed to procreate due to lack of privacy.


SeaCat22 05-20-2018 02:15 AM

It will block some of the light penetration and affect vegetation growth. It takes a while. If you use too much, it has an unnatural blue color. We used it for a couple of years and it really stunned bottom growth, turning into the Sahara desert. Not good for the fish. We stopped using it and the bottom vegetation is returning, so is the algae. Lake health is a fine balance. Bubblers/aerators help also.

fijon 05-20-2018 02:34 AM

rumor is zebra clams work wonder for water clarity

STEELA 05-20-2018 05:21 AM

I went with black. The pond doesnít need to be black star black where zero light gets in. Just enough to shade at depths.
Do in small amounts over a week. Stop when you get where u want to be.

raystein 05-20-2018 06:23 AM

I use it in my pond sometimes to keep the algae from taking over. Makes it look like spring water. Let the algae get terrible once and put in too much blue die, and killed all the fish from oxygen deprivation. Had to restock.

barrell 05-20-2018 06:27 AM

Grass carp

Octane 05-20-2018 06:34 AM

Put in grass carp. They will take care of all weeds and algea.

bluffman2 05-20-2018 06:36 AM

I don’t have a problems with weed or algae I’m just trying to clear up the pond water

barrell 05-20-2018 06:43 AM

Originally Posted by bluffman2 (Post 11437355)
I donít have a problems with weed or algae Iím just trying to clear up the pond water

The dye you want to use is to block the sun so algae wont grow. So why did you ask about dye? Grass carp will clear your pond right up and they live forever. The original four carp I put in my pond are still alive 25 years later.

bluffman2 05-20-2018 06:45 AM

I would like clearer water than the brown it is now

duckfish 05-20-2018 08:55 AM

Crystal clear water is actually a sign of an unhealthy pond. And the various dyes won't likely help much with the causes of your murky water. They are strictly to inhibit light penetration to help control algae.

I tried dyes in 2 of my ponds years ago for algae control, all I ended up with was a new type of algae that grew strictly on the surface and covered my entire ponds with a green scum. Next year I ended up with a duckweed infestation. That was pure hell to control and then get rid of. I also had negative results with various copper sulfate products.

After 26 years of playing around with ponds all I've really learned is to establish a healthy balance of fish species, invertebrates, and plenty snails and then leave it the hell alone. I tried a few grass carp and koi over the years as well. All they did was upset the balance and keep the mud stirred up all the time once they ran out of the easy vegetation to eat.

But then my ponds are all 1 ac & less so maybe your results will vary. If you really want to try a chemical route you could try this: available thru TS

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