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Hot.....or Not?

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Originally Posted by HDRyder999 View Post
Oddly, Kent State University. Does anybody remember what happened on May 4, 1970 at KSU?
Of course.
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raw dawg and bail
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Saw her interviewed on national news. She was a recent grad and she was showing the idiocy of the current Kent State policy regarding guns on campus. Students and staff are not allowed to possess firearms on campus.........guests / visitors to the university are allowed to carry/posess on campus. As a recent grad and no longer a student she was within campus rules to carry a firearm on campus......of course this was according to her. No knowledge of accuracy, just her comments.

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Not Hot.....Stupid Attention Whore............
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So her statements imply that during Kent State incident she would have used it to return fire. Interesting what if to ponder. Imagine an all out real firefight..... at that time.

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As the old saying goes, wrap a flag around her head for Ole Glory and fire away.
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I've done worse..
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Come on guys, be nice. She's someone's daughter. Hell, she might be a THT daughter for all you know.
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Originally Posted by Afishinado View Post
I've done worse..

I'd hit it
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Luke warm at best, deduct 8 points for having an agenda.
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Originally Posted by Gullpt View Post
Luke warm at best, deduct 8 points for having an agenda.
+8 points for having the right agenda...
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