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Default Stamp collections

Have a stamp collection of my Grandfathers. I've heard that now days its worth less then the actual stamps are worth, but I don't really want to just toss it.

He was incredibly meticulous. Every stamp is labeled with dates, and identification.
Mainly from the 30's-70's
About 30 large binders full in total.

Where do you go to sell something like this? Again, don't think its worth much, just don't even know where to take it.
Location is in Pensacola FL at the moment.
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My dad had a collection when he passed. We had them appraised. Pretty much worth face value as postage..
I would look to see if there is a stamp collectors club near you. Make a deal with some one. They get half of what ever they can sell.

You could get luck and have the "one" that is worth something.
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I'm in the same boat. My dad's collection fills five medium sized boxes, and has lots of European and Oriental stamps, plus many, many domestic stamps from 1930's to 1990's

I took the entire thing to a Stamps and Collectibles outfit several years ago, and the guy took about 3 hours looking through everything.
He offered me $400 for the entire bundle, and I turned him down. Suspicion was that there are truly some hidden gems there.

If I only had the energy and resources, or a partner who knows this stuff, we could monetize it and split the proceeds.
But for now... just sitting in climate controlled storage.
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