Betting on golf

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Default Betting on golf

With the Supreme Court ruling it looks like sports betting is coming to a state near you (potentially).

I was listening to the radio and one guy was completely against betting on the PGA. The only valid argument I heard was that drunk fans that had money on a golfer might yell in a backswing or do something stupid. He also said golfers could throw a round and bet on themselves to win.

My thought is a golfer going from second place to third can cost 300k or more in payout. I can’t imagine a golfer would throw a round to win a bet when he can play well and win 100’s of thousands for making that putt.

I am not a big gambler but personally I think it is a good thing for the PGA to boost interest. Heck most rounds I play there is something on the line.

What says THT
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You can tell at a batter in a baseball game, throw a beer can on a Nascar track, interfer with a foul ball etc etc.
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He name Pete Rose comes to mind.

But I. Cannot. Wait. For. Sports. Betting.

No no more “ridiculous” trips to Vegas.
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Is it going to be online gambling, casinos?
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Originally Posted by gumpire View Post
Is it going to be online gambling, casinos?
It'll be up to each state to decide.
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The real money in golf is not the purses it's the sponsorship. People already gamble heavily on golf espically the majors.
Gambeling and golf goes hand and hand. When I was in hs and college, coaches would encourage it. Only way to create pressure in pactice is to put something on the line.
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