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Medical Invoicing

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Default Medical Invoicing

Geez this is frustrating!!!

How many other industries get away with having each "sub-contractor" bill separately for the services rendered?? You didn't cut an agreement with each one of those "sub-contractors" but yet get independent bills from each, and the big bill from the shop (or hospital). How do you determine what's covered in the "big bill" and what should be billed separately??

Imagine taking your car in for a transmission replacement. You pick up the car and get the bill from the shop. $2,500. Sounds good. You pay it and leave.

Then, a few weeks later, you get a bill from Safety-Kleen. $45 for the cleaning material and disposal for the repair.

Then, a couple days later, you get a bill from Bounty. $8.47 for paper towels for the mechanic.

Then, a bill from ServiceCo for $16.23, to clean the bay after your trans work was done.

Then, a bill from Trico Corp for $29.75 for oil analysis.

Then, a bill from "Herbert Walker" for $75.00 for ??

Then, a bill from Oreilly Auto for $48.62 for shipping parts to the shop.



How does the medical industry get away with parceling out these charges instead of giving you ONE BILL that has ALL the charges so you can check it for accuracy and duplicates???

This certainly has to be something that needs to be resolved to fix healthcare!!
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You build a house..

carpenter bill, painter bill, roofer, decorator, etc..

your boat gets in an accident..

engine mechanic bill, fiberglass guy..

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That being said..

there is a trend out there for insurance to pay a lump sum for say knee replacement surgery, and whoever is taking the “ risk” gets a check and doles out the cash..
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You should see the other side of this billing. Complete cluster fluck. Takes months to get paid from the insurance companies.
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