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Bayou Dularge 05-14-2018 08:19 AM

Need to get a car seat recovered
I have a very good daily driver that the two front car seats need to be recovered.

Anyone deal with this before?

Any idea on costs?


UT_VOLS13 05-14-2018 08:40 AM

It has been awhile, but I just went to a local upholstery shop. Wasn't crazy expensive if I recall. Quality of material will also be a factor.

Minnow 05-14-2018 08:43 AM

Are you sure you can't buy them online? try searching online.. Custom Car Seat Covers - Seat Covers For Cars

bugnut 05-14-2018 08:48 AM

Take it to an auto trim shop. They will replace the foam padding and recover the seat. It will feel like new.

peacemon 05-14-2018 09:41 AM

Daughter's boyfriend is paying around $400 for front seats in a pick-up to be redone. Should be a ball park.

HS2300 05-14-2018 11:11 AM

A buddy and I upgraded his seats to have heat.

steps: removed seats from truck, peeled off seat covers, added electric grids, reinstalled covers, ran wires, brought to dealer to wire to fuse box.

the easist part was the seat covers. I was shocked at how easy they were to remove and reinstall.

What is the year, make and model of the vehicle?

fishtoons 05-14-2018 11:17 AM

Look for oem seat covers online

YFMF 05-14-2018 11:20 AM

It's a wide range depending on location and what you want done, you can get the seats recovered for $200 each give or take, if you want the seat itself re-padded etc you can run $400-500 at a fair place.

Bayou Dularge 05-14-2018 04:47 PM

1983 Toyota Camry

HS2300 05-14-2018 05:39 PM

Originally Posted by Bayou Dularge (Post 11418855)
1983 Toyota Camry


I can't say how tough it would be.

I will research some youtube videos and get back to you.

Bayou Dularge 05-14-2018 06:05 PM


2003 - my mistake.

65K, mostly garage kept. Leather seats failed

LMariotti 05-14-2018 06:19 PM

If your 7 on a scale of 10 in handyman, contact

Awesome product, I have done several sets in our cars, last one being my wife's Lexus LX470. Under a grand for the front and back sets, includes armrest, headrest, console cover, back pockets, glue, hogrings, pliers. Took me 8 hours to do the entire package. Your fronts would probably be 350 to 400

A great company

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