Motorcycle Mechanic Rant

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Default Motorcycle Mechanic Rant

This is just a rant since there is nothing I can do about the situation except grin and bear it..

I have a 1976 Triumph Bonneville 750 motorcycle in mint condition that I had put in mothballs about 5 years ago. After going through all the procedures you must do to store the bike, I put her up in the garage and covered her.

A couple of months ago, my dad and brother in law both bought Harley’s and came to our house for the weekend on their bikes. We had a great time riding and talking bikes and after a few scotches and cigars, that old bike fever set in.

We go out to the garage and pull the cover off the old gal and there she sits in very close to show room condition. We put a gallon of fresh gas in her and roll out into the drive way turn the switch on, kick twice and she comes to life. Missing badly but running.

As I go through the bike I find the clutch plates are stuck, back brake not working and in dire need of a carb. and engine tune up. We load it in the back of my truck and I take it 45 miles to my British bike guru who works his magic and usually makes everything good.

Well he calls me yesterday and tells me she is ready to ride. That will be $600.00 thank you. We load her in the truck and I take her home. I crank her up and man she sounds great. I pull out of the drive way and run about 500 yards down the street to the first stop sign, pull in the clutch and she is idling at 2500 rpm. Way too high. I then get on a long straight away and open her up a little and at 4000 rpm she goes to missing and popping so I limp back home. Now the left cylinder is missing badly and smoke is coming from somewhere on top of the motor.

I call the British bike guru and ask is there anything I can do without having to load it again and drive back to his shop. We tried carb adjustments, wd 40 on the throttle cables and carb slides but still to no avail. Well it looks like I am going to have to load her back up and go another month without a ride. I asked him if he had ridden her after he finished the work and he told me he didn’t have time. The lesson I learned is to take a test ride before leaving the shop. Again this is just a rant. so I decided I will go fishing this weekend instead of hitting the road on a classic machine. I am just hoping that I didn’t shell out $600.00 for a two mile ride.
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Default RE: Motorcycle Mechanic Rant

skeeter2200 - 7/18/2006 12:53 PM

I am just hoping that I didn’t shell out $600.00 for a two mile ride.
I don't think I can ease your pain, but I would expect you did. Worse yet, expect to shell out more when you take her back! You know the game, they'll tinker with what they screwed up and then they'll say they did this or that to correct the problem....that'll be $300 thank you very much.
Good luck

Oh, if you value your bike any, keep the WD40 away from it. Instead of using that CRAP use tranny oil to free up the cables.
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Default RE: Motorcycle Mechanic Rant

what they screwed up? who put the bike away for five years and thought that a gallon of gas would be all thats needed?
either learn to do the work yourself or shut up about the bill!! oh i forgot.....just my .02 cents
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Default RE: Motorcycle Mechanic Rant

Post your question on this forum these fine folks may be able to help:

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