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CANCER treatment. HELP please

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I am a radiation oncologist. Chemotherapy is first line treatment. You should also consider immunotherapy. They will probably need to get more tissue (another biopsy of some sort) to see if you are a candidate for immunotherapy.
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Prayers sent and know that that there are many who care.
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Originally Posted by Jferg65 View Post
This is some great advice. It boils down to you being in control of the things you can control in the moment. Do doing these things it does not mean you have thrown in the towel, it’s you continueing to take care of yourself and your family.

While this place can be a bit contentious at times and bring the worst out in is threads like these that show how the members can really step up to help a fellow THT’er out. OK....enough of the sappy talk.
X2. My best friend in the world is going thru it. Should have been gone 4 years ago. He is the poster boy for paying attention to the Dr and taking care of all the things listed above. I believe his ability to put things in perspective and prepare for the things listed above have helped him enjoy his life.
He says he considers it more of a journey than a battle. Everyone is different but he continues to amaze me.
I tell him he is too stupid to know what's going on but he disagrees. I love him like a brother.
He is playing late in 4th quarter now but he continues his journey.
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Jesus Chris, I am stunned and saddened to read this!

Not a doctor but going through our family cancer issues with my dad (lymphoma and lung) their is some merit in the efficacy of immunotherapy, which my Dad is exploring as he deals with a recurrence of his lymphoma while battling lung cancer.

I am at a loss for words as I often find myself with my Dad. My hopes and prayers are with you and your family. I pray the good Lord takes mercy on you and provides you with a good quality of life for however long we are blessed with you on earth.

Keep up the good fight and while I know easier said than done, stay positive, I truely think it helps not only your family but with the fighting!

Prayers brother!
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Chris, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I didn’t read all of the responses so forgive me if it has been covered. Both meds you mention are generics. Zofran is an anti emetic that is often used in a cocktail with solumedrol and diphenhydramine (Benadryl). Zofran is used at a high dose in chemo but a lower dose in general surgery. The lower dose is fine (once 5ht3 receptors are blocked the rest becomes free circulating and excreted). There are a couple of avenues to pursue to get these paid for..your insurance company would be my primary target. There are some dirty things that go on in the Onc world you should be aware of (spreads being primary). If you want some info, pm me and I will shoot you my number. Not a dr but sold to hem/once for years.
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Chris, all of our positive thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Default Praying for you and your family!

Hi Chris, my mom has been diagnosed with limited small cell lung cancer in January 2017. She began chemo treatments ( Cisplatin, then switched to Carboplatin and VP16 )and radiation (30 treatments in 15 days). She did use Phenergan, Zofran, and Aloxi, all offered no help but she had no side effects either. Due to radiation, her esophagus became swollen and highly irritated so the doctors put her on Carafate which helped her to be able to swallow. After all the treatments were done, the radiation oncologist said it is recommended to have whole brain radiation. After asking his personal opinion, he said due to her age, 72, he would not recommend it because side effects would be worse than benefits. All that said, 3 months later doctors confirmed a prophecy given to my sister that God healed my mom. Six months later my moms cancer oncologist retired so she decided to change cancer centers and find a new doctor. She ended up at Mary Bird Perkins with a new and more compassionate group of doctors. Due to switching doctors, the new doctors decided to due new CT scans, 6 months earlier than if she would have stayed at the other cancer center. The cancer in her lungs continues to be gone but they found it has spread to her brain. She has now undergone 10 rounds of whole brain radiation. Her new doctor has put her on Memantine so hold off any side effects to the brain. We are now waiting for April to come around to confirm once again that the Lord has healed my mom through the work of doctors. All this said, my point is, get a second opinion because the second radiation oncologist said that she has a great chance of beating this without any major effects to her brain. Just a note to your family, stay strong and know the God is in complete control. Love your loved ones, even those who are completely healthy as though it is your last moment with them. My prayers are with you all as it’s hard on the family as well . Praying for a divine healing whether here on earth or in the presence of our Lord and Savior in heaven!
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I'm on a boat and can't type well on a tablet.

4.4 cm stage 2c tumor left kidney
3 surgeries
Months of chemo (iv)
Month in cancer ward

So yeah . . .

Aloxi (sp?) for me best nausea drug
Zofran was ok only used two sublingual the whole time

You are going to war. If you decide to go, go all the way.

Eat when you can even if you have to force it. I could usually eat best early a.m. it's hard when sick and you will lose your sense of taste. I lost a pound a day even forcing myself to eat.

There's gonna be times you won't want to do it anymore. Decide now and remember that decision in the low times.

You're hair is gonna fall out. Mine started coming out on day 9 of chemo. Day 10 handfuls.

I shaved what was left into a battle mohawk.

I got a hoodie sweatshirt and cut the sleeves, makes it easier.

When you find a combo of premeds that works for you DO NOT LET THEM CHANGE IT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

I'm still here with both kidneys working.

You CAN beat the odds.

Pm me a number if you ever wanna talk we'll be at sea in about a week for a few days but usually around.

PS get you some jolly ranchers to suck on while getting infused you can taste the chemo.

When white blood cells are low be very very careful. A scratch put me in isolation room at hospital for a week. Neulasta works.
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Chris: So many nice things have been said already and just let me say there are many prayers going up for you and your condition.

But let me say a few words to those out there without any signs of cancer. We lost a niece 3 years ago to uterine cancer right after my wife had surgery for the same thing. She lived outside of London and han not been having routine physicals or PAP smears for many years. My wife's cancer was especially fast growing and she was very proactive in her healthcare. Had my wife waited 6 months or hadn't been having yearly physicals, she would not be with us today.

We recently lost a friend to lung cancer--a smoker. Although he was one of the smartest and successful men I ever knew, he dismissed a hacking cough. Had he been having yearly physicals with chest xrays, his problems might have been spotted before he was at Stage IV.

As we age, every person needs yearly physicals with chest xrays. There is no better way to spot problems early--before they become unmanageable Most insurance policies pay for this proactive approach to maintaining your health.
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Originally Posted by Barnacled View Post
I'm looking for anything at this point. I can control what foods I eat and have adjusted my diet but I'm trying now to get the better treatments that are available here right now. We won't know if treatments are working for a while and I have researched some alternatives. MD anderson is where I will go if we do.
Some things to keep in mind. Eliminate sugar from your diet and don't use sugar substitutes. You can research "oxygen therapy for cancer", CBD oil and DCA (sodium dichloroacetate). You can discuss any of these with your doctor as supplemental treatments. Expect resistance and use your own discretion.
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Chris, I’ve asked several times within the year where you had gone. We miss you on the ‘other site.’ I’ve always enjoyed your posts and will be praying for you. Let me know how I can help.
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Odansetron is the name for Zofran. I have an RX for it for anxiety related nausea and take as needed (only once or twice a month) and have no side effects. That also may be due to the fact that i do not use it regularly. I know ti is commonly prescribed and supposed to be one of the anti0nausea durgs with the least side effects.

I am not familiar with Promethazine, but if it is in the same category as Compazine, there are heavier side effects. COmpazine was made originally as an anti-psychotic, which was found to be better used as anti-nausea. However it can react very poorly to those on anti depressant or anti anxiety meds, ot those with depression or anxiety.
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Prayers and positive thoughts. Be strong.
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I never know how to respond to threads like this. My heart sinks when I read them. Hugs bud, that's all I've got. That and PHUK cancer. Hard.
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Oh and don't Google the drugs you're taking!!!

You will not get all the side effects!

You'll just worry about it.
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My sister just finished her treatments and went back to work two weeks ago. It was an uphill battle but she made it through

Best of luck to you my friend
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I'm sorry to hear of your illness and I'm not an expert but I have two pieces of advice.

1. There are only a handful of doctors in the country that can help you. You need to find one of them. Treatments are changing so quickly that nobody outside the major centers can keep up. Your local medical professionals will not have the best options for you.

2. You need a pitbull to deal with the insurance company for you. Find someone to handle this task for you so that you never have to think about it. Your stress level will be much lower.

God Speed.
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So sorry to hear what you are going through.
One cool resource is That is a list of copayment assistance programs that can help with the cost of drugs.
Also call a few lung cancer foundations. They can offer advice on treatments, sometimes help with expenses and can help with insurance issues. They deal with a lot of people in your situation and get a feel for what helps and what doesn’t.
I agree with the need for second opinions. Check your insurance. Some plans won’t let you go to the best centers.

There are very exciting treatments in the pipeline. More hope now than ever before and I think a major
breakthrough may come very soon.
Good luck
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We’ve been missing ya in the cave. Me and my family will keep you and yours in our prayers.
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I'm sorry this is happening to you. I think the guys here have given some great advice. Honestly since I've read this morning I've been thinking of you A good part of the day. Stay strong and know that we are pulling for you. I'm here for you if you ever need to talk or what ever. My names Chris too. God speed fellow boater.
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