New Cookware

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Default New Cookware

My wife wants new cookware. Glad this is her idea!

She wants a whole set and honestly I know nothing about it. For those of you who like to cook, what would you recommend I look at? It won't be on display, as it will be stored in the cabinets if that makes a difference.
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Something like this - or just a nice bikini - depending on her figure.

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Is your wife expecting you to buy this new cookware for her? Have you talked to her about what she wants?

FWIW, we got a starter set of Farberware as a wedding present in 1971. We have added more Farberware to that set with time, but still do a lot of cooking in the original pots and pans. I can't say that today's Farberware is as good as the products we bought 30-45 years ago. The pans we have are stainless steel with an aluminum-clad bottom for even heat distribution.
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My personal recommendation, avoid sets, and avoid non-stick. One or two non-stick pans is fine to have in the arsenal, though I hate cooking in them. There is absolutely no purpose to non-stick pots.
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Hey Valentines day is right around the corner, 2 birds, 1 stone!
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Who cooks? How often? How good?

I cook a LOT, almost every day, and more if I'm off. Personally, I'm not a fan of "sets" of pots and pans, unless you are spending a ton of money.

I prefer All-Clad and cast iron for my day to day cooking vessels, and I keep one decent non-stick pan around.

While not cheap, All-Clad is my go to, and I add pieces here and there when they go on sale.

Below is my one nonstick pan.

Below is my go to, when not using cast iron.
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I buy my pans from the store here in town the restaurants shop at. I cook everyday, my goto non stick are made by vollrath, wearever. After cooking all you have to do is wipe them out.
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Originally Posted by autobaun70 View Post
My personal recommendation, avoid sets, and avoid non-stick. One or two non-stick pans is fine to have in the arsenal, though I hate cooking in them. There is absolutely no purpose to non-stick pots.

This should cover everything any home cooking needs:

1 - cheap 10" non-stick skillet
1 - cheap 4 qt sauce pan
1 - cheap 6-8 qt sauce pan/stock pot
1 - nice to very nice dutch oven (Lodge - Cuisinart - Le Crueset depending on budget)
1 - nice saute pan 10 - 12"
2 - nice skillets 10" & 12"

Non-stick pans should be considered disposable, bought cheap and pretty much only used for making omelettes.

The dutch oven options are listed as progressively more expensive. Le Creuset is the gold standard, but I'm not willing to buy that they actually cook any better than the Lodge or Cuisinart options.

For the nice saute pan/skillet, the whole goal is to get a pan that heats evenly and responds quickly to temperature changes on the stove. I personally like All-Clad. Their D5 is pretty pricey, but really hard to beat.

Good luck!
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For frying pans I have 4 cast iron, 3 stainless and several non stick. All various sizes up to one two handed job. Have pots of all sizes. Really like 2 that are thick pressure cooker bottoms. Can't imagine using a matched set unless it was All-Clad and I had a place to hang them on display.
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I use a mixture of brands depending on use: All-Clad, Bourgeat, Swiss Diamond, Lodge, Le Creuset and WearEver.
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We just bought a set of the calphalon try-ply that are stainless. The heat is way more even than our cheap pots and pans. We also have an induction cook top that make for easy fine tuning of the temperature.
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Originally Posted by thefuzz View Post

I prefer All-Clad and cast iron for my day to day cooking vessels, and I keep one decent non-stick pan around.

While not cheap, All-Clad is my go to, and I add pieces here and there when they go on sale.
This is correct. I cook virtually every day and at times for lots of people. I have a set and more of all clad including some of their specialty pans. I have 2 small and 1 larger non-stick pans.

I have 1 really large (I don't know the capacity) SS, copper clad pot and two really large aluminum pots. Al transmits heat quickly and works with stocks and deep frying.
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is she sure that this is something she wants you to pick out?? for our wedding i picked out our cookware, i am more picky and do more of the cooking. i like the heavier hard anodized cookware. we got calphalon and have a large set.. i use all of them but we also have a enamel dutch oven as well as a myriad of cast iron.

like someone asked before, who does the cooking, how much and what is their preference. i dont like thin pans or light ones... good heavy bottom pans across the line IMO

don't expect to get one of the dormroom farberware starter sets.. they are junk and disposable. spend a few hundred(3-600+) and get something nice. lids that fit is a plus for me too.
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Vollrath makes several lines of commercial cookware from dirt cheap to higher end at still 1/2 the cost of all clad. their 10" Tribute pan is 10 gauge 3 ply aluminum clad, made in America, and has a lifetime warranty at $55. I am adding these to my collection.

I have been happy for the past 20 years with my hard anodized Calphalon but I don't think they make it in the same gauge as my stuff anymore.
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We got a set of Revere pots and pans for a wedding gift, 29 years ago. Still use Them. My Mom had the same ones that she used for 40 years. If you are a cooking snob you can spend a small fortune. My wife can cook in anything and doesn't have to have expensive stuff. I'm a lucky guy.
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I love my all clad but never paid full price for various pieces.. Ebay, used/new etc.

I've started replacing my cheap teflon skillets with the white ceramic ones. Work fine.

If you want stainless, Tramontina makes a set of "tri-ply" cookware that won't break the bank.
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My wife got on the lecrueset kick a while back and I think we now have one of everything. An important note is that the lecrueset are enameled cast iron which is quite different from your regular ole lodge skillet. I think lodge and a few others are making cheaper enameled cast iron cookware now too.

Our other pots are caphalon middle tier stuff and they’re ok. If I just needed something to blow money on I would probably go all clad.
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It depends on what type of cooking she does. I am not a big fan of non-stick pans, but every kitchen should have one for cooking eggs if nothing else. (Never use a metal spatula in a non-stick pan.) Different types of pots and pans work better than others depending on the cooking technique. Cast iron is good if you maintain it properly. My normal cookware is Calphalon (medium weight anodized aluminum), which I think is a nice balance between quality and cost. Copper clad cookware is many people's favorite because of the way it transmits heat, but not worth the price in my opinion. I also love my Le Crueset ribbed grill pan (enameled cast iron on the outside) for cooking steaks indoors. Because of the cast iron, it heats evenly and holds the heat. The ribs on the inside make "grill" marks for a pleasant appearance. If you really want to drive yourself crazy (or convince her you can get by on a much lower budget), go into the kitchen of a fancy restaurant and look at the crappy pots and pans most of them use.
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Love my Le Crueset and Scan pans. My sister gave me a big mauviel sauce pan for xmas, and I am having a ball with it. It has inspired be me to get out a couple cast iron pans I gave up on.

It has so much to do with how you wife like to cook.
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Get her a set of Calphalon tri ply stainless.

Sure you could acquire things over time, but throw out the old, buy the whole set and be done with it.

I do most of the cooking and I'm very happy with ours. I also have a few Le Crueset pieces and Lodge griddle, but the Calphalon see most of the cooking.

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