Good books to read

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Death in the long grass by Peter capstick hathaway and one second after for sure
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If you haven't read A Gentleman in Moscow, it's worth picking up.

Strange, fun read.
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currently reading Stephen King's IT. One of the best books that I ever read. The story telling is incredible.
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Here's a real funny book. Not very long

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Originally Posted by mulefeathers View Post
I started The Cuban Affair a couple of days ago. Not too far in they arrived in Cuba and have been there 2 days. This is my first Nelson Demille book and I hope it picks up soon. Starting off kinda slow.
De Mille did so many great books. I haven't read this one yet but even if it's a dud,don't give up on him. It's worth looking back at his older stuff,all the way back to the "charm school"
Plum island,Gold Coast, up country etc.. Great story teller.
Charm school is the only novel I have read twice.
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Old stuff of Demille is great (though I wasn't thrilled with the one focused on Flight 800). Haven't read Charm School, but will get to it. Loved the Gold Coast (don't watch the movie!) and Plum Island.

Was very disappointed in A Gentleman in Moscow. Almost quit on it several times, powered through because several people recommended it. Got done and was like, "that's it? Why the hype?"

Check "Beneath a Scarlet Sky". Loved it. Couldn't put it down. True story about a kid that works as the driver for the number 1 Nazi in Italy during WW2.
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I just finished The Vine That Ate the South by J.D. Wilkes. It's a fun read if you're a bit twisted.

"It's a relentlessly fun novel, the literary equivalent of a country-punk album that grabs you and refuses to let go. Wilkes has a perfect ear for the dialect of Kentucky, and his writing is so bright, you can almost see every abandoned shack, every kudzu-covered tree. Sure, it's bizarre, and at points almost gleefully obscene, but it's undeniably one of the smartest, most original Southern Gothic novels to come along in years."

Wilkes is the lead singer for Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. "Manic" doesn't begin to describe this guy's performing style.

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I’m halfway through this:
It’s pretty good.
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Sailing Alone Around the World by Slocum.
Good read...think I've read every solo circumnavigation book there is...

Vietnam Era

365 Days...collect of combat stories...hard to put down favorite...whats cool is that one of his company commanders while in Nam just happened to be my commander while I was stationed in Germany...had to ask him about the book and he confirmed his claims...

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CARNIVORE - Dillard Johnson . Bradley AFV commander during Iraq invasion . A Pentagon paper credited him and his team with 1000 enemy kills in ONE day so someone tracked him down and wrote his story . It's about his deployments rather than one day filled with stories like when under orders to destroy Iraqi arms he came across 1500 , 2000 lb bombs and decided to detonate them - command thought a Nuke went off . He's like Rambo with a dark sense of humor .
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Robert Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Time Enough for Love

The Number of the Beast

To Sail Beyond the Sunset

to name a few

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Originally Posted by forddeal View Post
The Cuban Affair is well worth the read, great recommendation from the folks here.
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matthew bracken all of his books are great
steven konkoly
jack murphy
just started brad thor series and im hooked
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One that I don't think has been mentioned:

Category 5: The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane. Excellent read on the hurricane that hit the keys. Hard to put down. Can't imagine anyone riding out a major hurricane after reading this.

Also highly recommend some that have been mentioned:
A Land Remembered
One Second After
Emerald Mile
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“Life” by Keith Richards...phenomenal book. Highly entertaining.

“With the old breed” E.B. Sledge. It’s about 1st Marine Divisions involvement in the island hopping campaign and is considered the best account of combat from the perspective of a low ranking grunt.
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The Way of Men!! Awesome read; I encourage it!
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Originally Posted by mhedrick View Post
Undaunted Courage- Its about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Never realized all they had to endure to make the voyage.
Absolutely, almost finished with it.
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Emmaus road
David Limbaugh(rush;s brother)
It's a 2. book series it opens up the Scriptures in the old testament & shows how they
all point to the Messiah(Jesus Christ).
Killing America by Hilary,just kid'n
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Originally Posted by shadco View Post

Robert Heinlein

Stranger in a Strange Land
This is going WAY back! First SF book I read!

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