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Lunch atop a skyscraper

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Default Lunch atop a skyscraper

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Fake...buddie has that poster
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That was a common occurence in the days of big steel buildings. The guys who walked on steel high up in the skyline were highly skilled and highly sought after workers. Those were the days when cities were getting transformed by the new tall buildings.
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If that's goodness!!!
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Originally Posted by Lprizman View Post
If that's goodness!!!
It's 100% true, how else do you think buildings got built in the 30's? They put the empire state building up in a year, start to year. Lot of guys died back in those days. I mean that picture might be staged, but the video clearly states that also, but it was the days before unions, those guys didn't get a 1hr lunch break to go down to the street and order a sandwich in a deli. Probably had 10 minutes to scarf something down.

These days you can't even get the damn idea on paper in less than a year. I have a lot of friends who are iron workers.
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A few guys died building that structure...According to official records, five people died while constructing the Empire State Building. One was struck by a truck, another fell down an elevator shaft, a third was killed by explosives, a fourth struck by a hoist and the fifth fell from scaffolding.
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Who do you think puts up steel buildings today? Highly skilled Ironworkers do. The steel erection is labor intensive, dangerous work. Just like the Ironworkers in the picture above. Safety is much better today. Lunch is on the working deck how not out on the beam
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my business partner, before diamonds was an iron worker (a LONG time ago)....its 100% true. No tie off's, nothing too tall, walked those beams and straddled them like it was nothing. He has some old pictures of him up pretty high with zero safety equipment.
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Watch the old movies of them heating, tossing, and seating rivets. Damn, those guys were good! Iron workers continue to be a different breed of cat (both male and female).
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in my younger days heights did not bother me at all.
I would climb towers and hang CB atenas without safety harnesses. In fact I did not know there was such things.
once I went to work for a large chemical company they drummed it all into my head(safety)
could not do anything without all of the proper safety gear and have procedures for everything you did. It was a pain to get anything done.
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