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Default Computer Help!

Hey guys...I need some help. I am running a brand new dell with windows. The problem being is that I have picked up this annoying add that slides up from the bottem right hand of my screen. It ways messages like " warning your security is at here and get an anti spyware software". If you click it will send you to this website.... It also will make my homepage there site. The other problem is that it has seemed to disable my windows buttons. Like when I have my internet options up it will not let me click any of the buttons like clear cookies and delete file. Every once and a while it will also throw a pop up right in the middle of the screen.

How do I fix there a is very annoying.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks yall.
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Default Re: Computer Help!

Ad-aware is a good program. It gets rid of spyware, and many of the pop-ups you may be dealing with.
I have it on my computer, and when popups get annoying, I'll run it, and it finds a lot of spyware, and deletes it.
The link above is the first download for it I found on google.
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Default Re: Computer Help!

Call dell
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Default Re: Computer Help!

Ad-Aware or SpyBot Search & Destroy will kill it. Good apps to have anyway.
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Default Re: Computer Help!

I’m curious, who’s Anti-Virus software you running? Because this is where you troubles lie, in “it’s” settings. Either way since the computer is as new as it is, contact whoever it was that you bought it from and have them walk you through the necessary changes over the phone, as you know these changes need to be made.
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Default Re: Computer Help!

I explore the internet very "in depth"....

The above link may take you a bit to figure out if not really good with computers, but I run the listed programs plus a corporate Symantec that acts as my "internet condom".

So far, so good.
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Default Re: Computer Help!

Go to the Gibson Research Corp webpage at when the homepage loads click on "shields up", scroll down the next page and download and run the "Shoot the Messenger" application.

This will disable the Windows Messenger service on your system which is currently allowing spammers to access its server. This problem generally only occurs on systems running Windows XP (all versions), most firewalls and spyware programs will not restrict these spam messages as the Windows Messenger service is an integral part of the Windows operating system. To save any feelings of alarm I now run "Shoot the Messenger" on all new systems I set up for people

edit * by all means install and run Ad-Aware and Spybot as both are very good as well as free, but they will not remove these spam attacks that are using Windows Messenger
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Default Re: Computer Help!

If it's sliding, it's not messenger.

Run this (it's Microsoft's site). It works great and was just released!

Good luck!
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