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Hooks For Heroes 10-06-2017 09:06 AM

Hooks For Heroes
Hooks For Heroes is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Charity, incorporated in the State of New York, focused on giving back to American Veterans & First Responders. I founded the charity July of 2016. I am a US Marine Veteran, a former NYPD Police Officer, and currently an FDNY Firefighter. Although it is not about me by any means, I explain this because I have seen first hand, the distress that these occupations may bring upon an individual. I am an avid fisherman and I love being on the water. I use fishing as a release and I want to share this with other Veterans & First Responders. Hooks For Heroes sends American Heroes fishing on local charter boats, to help cope with the physical and mental injuries sustained during service. This offers our nation's Veterans and First Responders a "day off" and a chance to catch "The Big One". We provide the Heroes with snacks, soda & water on the boats, and when applicable we will also provide transportation to and from the boat dock. We cater to Heroes around the country.

Hooks For Heroes is holding our 2nd Annual Veterans Day Fundraiser on November 11th 2017 in Long Beach, NY. The event will take place at The Jetty ( 832 W Beech St, Long Beach, NY 11561 ) from 2pm-6pm. $50 cover charge gets each person a 4 hour full open bar, 4 hour complete buffet, and a gift bag at entry. Guests will be able to purchase raffles for some amazing donations provided by our sponsors, not limited to, Pelagic Outfitters, Deep Ocean Apparel, Eagle Claw, Durabrite Lights, Pelagic Gear, and many more. The will be raffles for all types of interest as well, not just fishing. We hope to see you there to show your support of our nations heroes.

As you may know, Too many of our Veterans suffer from PTSD. A study conducted by the VA revealed that on average, 22 Veterans commit suicide daily. That number is appalling and absolutely unacceptable. We want to reduce that number and prevent any more tragedies from happening. While suicide is the ultimate price to pay succumbing to PTSD, those numbers do not reflect on the number of Veterans suffering from PTSD and abusing drugs/alcohol, battle depression, and a slew of other unhealthy conditions. We also would like to provide light on the Heroes here on American soil who put their lives on the line each day protecting us, our First Responders. First responders are just as susceptible to being effected by PTSD as our country's Veterans. First Responders deal with the worst of peoples lives, at their all time low, on a daily basis.

PTSD is defined as a (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) - a disorder that develops in some people due to a traumatic, scary, shocking or dangerous life threatening event. This is the "meat and potatoes" of the work our Veterans and First Responders do. Fishing is a great release for all, and we want to share that with our Heroes. It can act as an alternate method of treatment for them, and be the positive outlet they need. Remember, it is not what is Wrong with our heroes suffering from PTSD, but what has Happened to them. Fishing with a group of others who they can relate to can be tremendously helpful in healing our Veterans and First responders who are diagnosed with PTSD. It can be more helpful than the traditional "doctors visit" by letting our heroes enjoy being on the water and taking in all that nature has to offer us.

If we can help one person choose to stay on the right path, and prevent a potential tragedy, then we have accomplished our goals. I hope that Hooks for Heroes continues its success, and with the support of others, we can give back to those who give so much to us.

Thank you
James Torborg
Founder - Hooks For Heroes

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