Generator Problem to be solved

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Default Generator Problem to be solved

Ok, 20Kw diesel Northern lights at home is built into a concrete bunker, Don't like the self contained/enclosed units as the air intake path is short, cooling air path is short, so salty moist air will kill those faster, hence the bunker.

Air enters my bunker via a downdraft hood down low on the inside rear side wall, air must travel down to go up to air filter, presumably dropping real water on the floor.

The issue is running it during hurricanes Wilma and Matthew, which has deposited salty moist air throughout the End unit, (motor) and the salt stays and attracts moisture all the time. End result, over the years (13) windings are shorted, corroded, looked wet in there! I'm ordering a complete new end unit, with condensation kit if possible, but thats don't remove salt!

Air intake is 2'x2' square.
Flooding is not an issue. radiator fan blows out the front thru a fitted concrete opening, also 2' x 2'. Room is 14' x 10', 5 ft ceiling (concrete slab)

How can I remove as much moisture as possible from the air entering the room?
What can I "rinse" the end unit out with post storm to eliminate salt residue?

Unit has lasted 13 years so quite happy, neighbor has a 43kw I can hook into if needed soon.
(hope to hell not!)

Get to work THT Brain trust! how can I "dry" the air coming in?

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Without constant airflow, you will always have moisture accumulation. Can you put a fan in the enclosure to move air around?
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I would think about putting a freshwater mister or sprinkler on the intake. After you've run the genset then run it with the sprinkler for a while to flush out the salt and saltwater, then shut the sprinkler off and let it run to dry out.
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Air water moisture separation unit I would look toward industrial type units
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treat the input air the same as you would a furnace? Put an airfilter over the hole.

I've heard of people attaching dryer sheets to the filters.

maybe toss a bucket of this in there

thinking out loud.
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TX Skiff, the room door is usually open, as are the wall openings so it isn't damp in there, as far as during normal times. Basically during a Hurricane the air water inversion layer at ground level is heavily mixed, and then add debris!

Example, my boat on the lift has 4 scuppers under the dive platform in the transom. After Matthew I was picking plant matter out of every crevice and seam while cleaning it,, but in washing I found the scuppers were clogged tight with 4-5" long "plugs" of debris, forced in at the transom! crazy, so now I'll get rubber plugs to stop that happening.

km1125, The Diesel air filter intake is fine, all plastic so no corrosion, it is the bell end of the motor that is "breathing" moist salt laden ambient air. Misting thru that can't be good, but washing it out after might work, but with what? Fresh water can't be good, but maybe better than salt water!

I will look at air/water separation units, and also a filter mesh for the 2x2' air intake hood, probably smart to do that at least.
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Dehumidifier? Heater on the end unit? (I know they make them) Have you spoken with Northern Lights? They are here in Seattle and very marine/salt water knowledgeable.
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Yep, looking into a dehumidifier/condensation kit for the new one.
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Fiberglass air filters for home hvac make great demisters on your bunker air intake. Also might block off air in/out vents when not in use and put a dehumidifier in there, or a motor heater to keep gen end above dewpoint. Dehumidifier would also protect engine.

Gen end can be rewound by Broward Armature for way less than a replacement, usually.

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