Honda 2000 Generator Series

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Default Honda 2000 Generator Series

I'm thinking about pulling the trigger and buying a Honda 2000 Generator.

I fish at a remote camp and we have a big 5KW gas generator located in an "outside" generator shed. We have it "sort of" hardwired to the main camp where we run two 110V A/Cs and basic lights.

One of the "fears" of going to the camp is that the generator will not start.

I've been thinking I'd like a small Honda to carry back and forth to the camp (and to have around my house).

I probably would not try to run both A/C's with the Honda.

Specific Questions about the Honda 2000 series (and like models Yamaha, Genetrac, etc.)

1. If you have one, would you buy it again?

2. I've seen a set up where one can attach it to a 6 gallon marine gas tank - anyone have this type of set up? Can you tell me if you're satisfied with it? Also, how long will the generator run under "load" on a 6 gallon tank?

3. How often does the oil in the Honda need to be changed?

4. How long will the Honda run on its own tank?

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We have the same setup with a loud 5kw that charges batteries for D.C. Led circuits, powers the well pump and the AC lighting at the skinning shed.
The trailer I am partner in is 12x36 with a 1 ton mini split, a propane insta hot and a 1-1/2 hp well pump to move water from a 160 gallon poly tank.
We have honda 2000's backfeeding the panel at 115 volts
Great little quiet generator, we change oil at 50 or so hours, since we don't turn it off that's every 2 days. 5 gallon remote tank will run for 2 days before refill is required depending on load.
One of our members has the 3500 Yamaha with remote key fob start.....
It's really nice and would love to have one but the honda 2000 cannot be beat for the money and portability.
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I have the Honda 2000 and love it. It's easily portable, quite, starts easily and runs for hours on it's own tank. I use mine mostly to run one or two power tools at remote locations and have no complaints for my needs and would buy another in a heartbeat.
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I have the Honda 3000 and love it , ( key start ,quite , efficient, but trying to sell it now after a few years of not really using it and get two 2000's to run separate and together in companion mode .
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I like my honda 2000 but if it sets for a year it's often hard to start. Even though I drain the carb bowl. I think running marine (non ethanol ) gas would benefit all gens.
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The Honda inverter generators ar great but expensive. For car less money, you can get a Champion 3100 watt unit. They are performing very well and sold universally --including Advance Auto Parts. Online, they can be bought around $850. The company is also customer driven.
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I have 2 of the Honda 2000's. First one bought around 2005 to run a boat AC unit. Then started racing around 2011 and needed more power to run the Toyhauler for 3 days while at the track. I can hook 2 of them together to double the power output needed for the 15K BTU unit on the toyhauler.

These things are AWESOME!....but I would consider the Champion 3100 if I did it over again.

The key with the Honda 2000 is that it's almost the only genset with a fuel pump. This allows it to "pull" fuel from another tank to feed itself. I found a link on youtube for modifying the fuel cap to run a hose to a 5 gallon can. Once fired and running a connect the fuel vent to the 5 gallon tank and vent the 5 gallon tank.....runs for a couple days straight that way. As stated, change the oil after a couple days use or if going to be stored for awhile. They only take about a 1/2 qt of oil.
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Thanks for the comments/suggestions.

I lived through Gustav at home for about 8 days with a borrowed 5KW screaming in my back yard. I forgot how many times I changed the oil in that Home Depot Briggs but it never missed a lick.

I'll admit it didn't dawn on me that I'd have to change the oil down at the camp if 50 hours is the recommended run time between oil changes.

I run a Yamaha on my boat and I'm thinking I would Yamaha connectors on the external fuel tank and the "adapted" cap for the Honda.

As for a non-Honda brand - I appreciate the suggestion and will have a look. -- Do you have an external tank rigged on yours and, if yes, how well does it work?

I try to run only non-E gas in my boat and generator. Down where I fish Non-E is fairly easy to find.
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I bought a Honda 3000is two years ago. Thing is awesome and stupid quiet. My last generator was a generac 5500. I don't miss the fuel consumption or noise on that unit.
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I have two. I'd purchase them again.

Change oil every 40 or 50 hrs of run time. Figure 8hrs/night and you do the math.

I suspect you can get 8hrs of run time/tank. There is a "savings" switch that idles the unit and revs up when a current draw is demand. Should allow much better run time.

Or you can get an extra 6gallon tank or use one from a boat. They have cap attachments that allow a draw from the big tank and you can run that generator from a six gallon marine (moeller?) tank.
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Dang that champion has my attention...
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The Ryobi 1800/2200 and 1800/2300 Bluetooth inverter generators seem to be getting good reviews, are much cheaper and you get them at HD. I just got one because we lost power from Harvey. There is a guy on YouTube that has had one for 3 years and also had the Honda previously. He likes the ryobi better. Says they are equally as quiet and the ryobi handles more load. Ryobi has been making these units for a while and they seem well made. Thy can be runn in parallel for more power. For the cost of a Honda, you can basically buy a pair of the ryobi's.

Note that on most videos many of quiet generators, they seem loud, but that is an anomaly with the microphones. Check the actual db ratings to compare.

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The Yamaha 3000 I bought was 600 less than the Honda 3000. They are almost identical. I researched before I bought
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Bang for buck, homers lil green machine ryobi deal can't be beat IMO.
It's basically an affordable readably avaulable disposable set...under $600.
I've never had one but my neighbors went to the bottom with his boat in boot key harbor the keys. I helped him out by getting it running again, took a few hrs rinsed in fresh water, changed oil cleaned the carb blew it dry then added oil. Fuel and started pulling...

Finally started sputtering then lit up blowing water outta the muffler packing for what I thought was an extended period and went back to normal...

He was using it weekly for at least six months later when I moved on..

I'd definitely do homers ryobi for 2K gen set.
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Happy with my Honda also. In addition to the gas cap there's an aluminum o-ringed fitting that aids in changing the oil.
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I bought this $599 Northern Tool 2000watt inverter gen and very happy with it. Only had it 1.5 years and run about 2 tanks of gas through it but it works like a champ and is super quiet. Put non-ethanol fuel in it with stabilizer about a year ago. Just cranked it up last week after sitting 10 months, started 2nd pull. As far as noise/weight/vibrartion it is every bit as quiet as the Honda 2000.

Ryobi looks like a good deal as well. For daily use it might be worth forking out $$ for a Honda, but since it sounds like this is a backup for around the house/hunt camp it might not be worth it.
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Have a 2000is Yamaha. Good little unit. Has a couple features the Honda doesn't. Gas cut off for one. Fuel gauge for 2nd. Otherwise equal. Bought that one for $850. I also have a Polaris 2000is unit I bought for $750. Very good little unit as well. Just as quite. Does not have a gas cut off though. And no fuel gauge. Otherwise equal so far. These all will charge and also will link up to another unit. I get about 12 hours of run time out of both of them as long as they are in Eco mode and have a low demand. I do have a adapter fuel cap for the Yamaha so I can put a auxilliary tank onto it but so far 12 hours has been enough time. Both of these will idle so smooth you can fill them while running if your a dare devil like me!
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Honda 2000 works great. Run time depends on the load. I have a remote tank hooked-up. Buy the gas cap on eBay and make your own hose setup.

I did rebuild my generator because I screwed it up by running premix gas more than once. Gummed the rings up. Rebuilt myself - parts easy to get and cheap. Been running 2 years since rebuild. Use for weekend camping in RV about 15x per year.

My rebuild photos:
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Anybody try paralleling two different brad generators? Is it possible?
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I have two that run together to power my RV during hunting season. Have the 6 gallon remote tank feeding the two. Runs for two days of you don't run them to hard.

With their low noise and 4000kw worth of power, I RV is a nice place to stay on weekends.

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