Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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Default Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Anybody had it? Did it help? I'm getting it in my knee starting on the 25th. Anything I should expect?
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I had it done in my right elbow after battling tennis elbow for 18+ months. Doc did a total of 2 treatments (1/wk) for two weeks then physical therapy (1/wk) for 12 weeks. Ten months later I am 98% healed. Hope it goes well for you!
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Default Prp

Yes, I had it done to my Achilles tendon several years ago.

Based upon what my Doctor said at the time, there were a lot of folks administering it for aliments that it really should not be considered for. He also said that because there is no $ in it for the pharmaceutical companies – the research was very limited. Make sure you go to someone that has really good references.

It worked for me, but immediately following the treatment it was very painful. For a week or so afterwards it hurt worse than before the treatment. The Doctor said that’s how he knew it was working. He used an ultrasound machine on the tendon to compare the before and after. It was really remarkable how the structure of the inside of the tendon improved. It is 100% now and I would do it again if I required it.
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Thanks y'all. Mine will be trying to repair some cartilage damage, and it is by a well regarded UNC System doctor so I think I'm fine there.
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Who is the company, brand? Feel free to pm me, I tried or used almost all of them. Like anything some are better than others. Four years ago I helped develop a new design and product platform for PRP.
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