Knee Replacement

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Default Knee Replacement

Getting mine done in about a month. Who's had them replaced and how did it go? The second one will be done about 4 months after the 1st.
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My 50yo neighbor 2 houses up the street had his 1st knee replaced with no issues. A little while later he had the other one done. Complications and infection. They had to cut his 2nd leg off.

You don't need me to tell you the risks but it is just a reminder. Sometimes there are complications. Obviously there are many many knees replaced every year that go perfectly smoothly, I hope yours are 2 of them. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by bertss View Post
Getting mine done in about a month. Who's had them replaced and how did it go? The second one will be done about 4 months after the 1st.
My friend who is a doctor and 58 just had both of his done at the same time. The first week was rough, however he is really glad he got them both done at the same time. He was driving at 6 weeks
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Praying for all to go well !

I had a full replacement done in October of 2015, the day after I put my boat away for the season. Followed directions and it went very well, but I waited too long before getting it done.

Out of surgery by 10:00 am and walking with crutches by 1:00 PM same day. Doing stairs on the second day.

Watch out when the nerve block wears off, and make sure they get your pain under control. This is an important part of recovery. as you won't work hard enough on recovery if you are in too much pain.

If you aren't on blood thinners for other reasons, they will put you on them temporarily following your replacement. Make sure they test you multiple time per week to get your blood balanced.

Be ready with lots of roughage, prunes and other such things for constipation caused by the meds.

Start in the gym now ! Post surgery, do your stretching and strengthening work with passion. As long as you don't get an infection, recovery is up to you. If you don't hate your Physical Terrorist, they are't pushing you hard enough.

I started riding a stationary bike as soon as I was cleared and it really helped.

I can do everything now I did before, extension is just as good, flexion is better, but my old knee was really bad.

Get a really good set of knee pads, you won't like kneeling on the Titanium parts !!!

Let us know how it goes.

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I've heard from several people, that they wished they had done both at the same time. Hard to go back the 2nd time was the reason.
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Mother in law is 58. Had double full replacement almost 7 weeks ago. Has been walker and cane free for about 3 weeks.
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I had both of mine replaced a year apart. PT religiously (per instructions) before the replacement and PT especially hard, this time with your p therapist, then with coaching and supervision by you SO afterward.

Follow this advice and you will be fine.
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I play morning hockey 3 days a week with a bunch of 40-50-60 year old guys. One got both done last winter at 58, he was in a lot of pain trying to skate. Came back a month or so ago, started easy just skating on his own for a few weeks. He is now doing better, skating faster then he did in the fall and is very happy to get both done at the same time.
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Had mine done in 2014 after begging docs for 20 years to do it. I was 55. Finally some relief.
All about the PT baby. Take a pain med or 2 and go to pt and get after it. Please remember pt does not stop at the facility door. Get after that rehab at home, hard and heavy.

My doc goes to the inside of the knee and not straight down the middle. Avoids cutting a tendon. Recovery time much quicker as I actually walked unaided 5 days later. I didn't push it and used a cane for a while. Ask your doc about this as many do not use this technique.

Remember there is a difference between hard and consistent pt and trying to get back too soon. TKR is not easy but very manageable with the right attitude.
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Mine took over a year to settle down. I was healed in six weeks but had medial pain for a year. Everyone has different results.
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Left knee was done Apr 11, and is doing well. My right is scheduled for Jul 17. No issues other than waiting to long, shoulda' done it a year ago. Had to work hard on getting it straight. Advice..start working out NOW. It will help a great deal. Positive attitude. 5
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My 62 yo wife has had both done. She is "better" in that she has less pain but she isn't really any more mobile.So, a word of advice from a not sit around on your rear end after you get it done. She did great in PT after surgery each time but as soon as she was released she sat on her ass all day long. She bought a stationary recumbent bike, used it for a month and bitched that it hurt at first but then admitted it loosed things up and walking was easier after a 15 min ride. She never rides it now, won't go for walks with me.......I'm betting she'll be in a wheelchair within 5 years. This experience tells me unless you plan to be and want to be active, it would be a waste of money. If you are doing it to regain a certain level of activity, good for you and I hope you are able to regain whatever you've lost.
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Originally Posted by FASTFJR View Post
My friend who is a doctor and 58 just had both of his done at the same time. The first week was rough, however he is really glad he got them both done at the same time. He was driving at 6 weeks
My 82yo mother recently had both knees replaced. She was doing great until she slipped one night last week and broke her femur. Candidly, she is still doing fine. She is one tough lady. I already knew that since she gave birth to 7 kids in 10 years.
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The replacements go better today than they did just a few years ago.

Best of luck!
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My wife had both of hers done at the same time about eight years ago. For the three months right after the surgery she said she would never do it again - too much discomfort. For the period from from three months to about 10 months she was more neutral on the idea - still some discomfort and not a lot of flexibility. From 10 months on though she swears it is the best thing she ever did.

As her spouse however I know even during those early months she was much better off than she was pre-operation - she just didn't like all the physical therapy and exercising she had to do during that time.
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It's the infection aspect which worries me.
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I haven't had a knee replacement but I have had two hip replacements.(Both right hip - due to recall). I have to say that i my case it has gone well except for the recall. I do more now than I could have ever done before the hip replacement. But you have to take the bad with the good. My uncle had a knee replacement and he had literal hell due to infections. At one point they had to remove the implant and he laid in a hospital for months without an implant while they fought the infection. He is doing great now though...I have had many friends that have had it done and did very well with little or no complications. One of which is an 85 year old grandmother ...she was ecstatic after the surgery....she still gets around very well .... .Good luck if you choose to go ahead.
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Default Knees

Thanks for all the replies and well wishes. The pain has got to the point where I have to get them replaced. The surgeon is well respected in the field, he did a couple of family members and they had great results. He is very aware of infection and puts his patients on antibiotics before the surgery. He also won't do both knees at the same time. I'm ready, rehab will be tough but you get back what you put in.
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I had both hips replaced and they were a piece of cake compared to my right knee replacement last November. I ended up with 2 blood clots and a sever case of tendinitis where they split the tendon. After 5 months the pain started getting better and now everything is ok. Some swelling but overall I am happy with no pain.
PT is the key unless tendinitis takes you down for a few weeks. Most people have a much better recovery than I did but I am still glad I did it. Good luck.

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