Auto Battery Suggestions

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Only one cell out of 6 needs to fail to start causing problems for the charging system.
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For the price of an OEM battery you can get a optima or other gel battery, personally thats what I would do. 5-7 years even in florida heat for the most part. However if you dont go with a gel battery just go with the cheapest battery with a decent warranty. Walmart or other big stores help if you ever have a problem on vacation
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Originally Posted by aln View Post
Only one cell out of 6 needs to fail to start causing problems for the charging system.
Very much correct. Everything will pretty much act normal, but the alternator will be putting out at 100% pretty much all the time. Diode failure internally is inevitable if not dealt with fairly quickly.
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I have a Honda 12 CRV, it had battery problems replaced two in two years under warranty. The lights would dim every time something like the AC would kick in or off. I checked the price after warranty WOW no way for a OEM, called Sam's club and it as about $94 installed out the door, finally a battery that seems to be GOOD. Who knows how long it will last but right now it is doing great after over a year and a half.
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