Girls in need.

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Default Girls in need.

Hey guys. Here is a link to a crash that occurred about a week a go. I don't know the people, but was involved with the incident professionally. I don't normally mix work with this sort of thing. I have learned a little more about them lately and believe they are worthy of some THT love. The driver of the wrecked pick up, Melanie, was a single mother. Her 3 month old daughter and 3 year old daughter were both rescued and transferred to Hurley Hospital in Flint. They had to be driven down that night, weather was too rough for aviation. They are both doing better. The second woman killed was a sister-in-law, Carol. Melanie has a twin sister in Northern Michigan that is going to adopt both girls. Her sister could use some help with funeral costs and transportation costs as the funeral is taking place in Flint, 2-3 hours away. There may also be other hidden costs associated with the adoption. I'm told by EMS that it was amazing the little girls survived at all. Thanks for your time.


Dangerous conditions Wednesday night were a factor when a driver smashed into a semi truck head on.

It happened on M-32 near Gingell Rd.

Two women in the car died.

Two young children were rushed to the hospital.

9 & 10's Blayke Roznowski and photojournalist Noah Jurik have more details on the crash and the dangerous conditions that led up to it.

A semi truck's front end is completely smashed that was involved in a crash that killed Carol Styles and Melanie Fenley and also injured two young children.

Michigan State Police say that the winter weather conditions on the road were a factor.

"The conditions were bad yesterday," Michigan State Police Lt. Derrick Carroll said.

Wednesday night's gusty winds and slick roads made for treacherous driving conditions where the crash happened on M-32.

"By the time our troopers got there, the scene was rapidly deteriorating," Lt. Carroll said. "You had blowing snow, horrible conditions."

When troopers arrived on scene people had already stopped to help Melanie, Carol and the young girls.

"They were helping with the victims on the side of the road attempting CPR," Lt. Carroll said.

Both Melanie and Carol were pronounced dead when they arrived at the hospital.

The two young girls, Maleigha and McKenzie, were taken to a Flint hospital for serious injuries.

Lt. Carroll says it's a tragic reminder of how dangerous driving in winter weather can be.

"There's a couple things you can do. Number one: don't leave the house. Number two: if you do have to leave, make sure you have plenty of emergency supplies, drive at a safe speed, make sure you have proper tires," Lt. Carroll said.

Friends and family were still too shaken up to talk with us, but they do say both women were great mothers and loved dearly.

"It was just a difficult situation," Lt. Carroll said.

Friends and family set up GoFundMe pages for both Carol and Melanie's funeral costs.
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I'm hoping to add a few pictures later.
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