GenSet--> To good to be true

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Default GenSet--> To good to be true

I thought I need a introduction..
I reside in ILM, NC, currently boatless, (though I did have several though-out my life, commercial fishing et al)

Though,, the crux of My post.
I bought a Generator Days before Matthew decide to roll up through here..
Not wanting the misses w/out Power...
I decided to seek out a generator... this was on Wednesday before Matthew, It made landfall..
Looked at all the usual places, hD, Lowes, etc.. No luck as the very last ones were rolling out the doors, (along with gas cans)..
Went to Cape fear Generators, I knew I knew they would have one in stock. Yes they did, ALL of them costing over 1000.00 bucks.. (for the cheapest Model)..
Sooo, One last chance, I stopped by the Pawn Shop, (I know the Manager really well, just on a first name basis).. He informs Me.. Yes He has a nice one in the back room, getting ready to put on Display.. He rolls it on out..
I appears this thing is Brand New, slightly used.
He guy cranks it up, runs great.. I checked the oil, etc etc, noticing the *HOURS* only had 13 hours on the clock, Plus the receptacle for the 220 plug-in was slightly "pulled out", as it had that interlocking plug. Like someone tried to pull the plug out without unlocking it..
The Model was a Generac 5500 model w/electric start...
Sooo, I ask Him how much He wants for it, knowing roughly how much they are a Cape Fear Gen...
He looks at Me and says...
I'm like, I look him dead in the eye, and say...
This Mo-Fo is hotter than a Ho on Friday night..
As the ones I looked at, this EXACT Model was 1K plus...
The pawn guy proceeds, to tell Me it was a Nice clean cut guy that pawned it..
I'm like Hu-huh, tell Me another one, at least give me a reach around... I'm thinking a druggie brought it in for Drug Money..
We complete the transaction, I pay 100% cash, advanced off My credit card..
Purchase the power cord etc, to set-up at the house.. (My house is wired for a Generator w/separate panel box in My Garage/Workshop),, hook it up, fire it up, I powers everything in my home, turned on without even loading it down... I'm freaking ecstatic..
Well the Cane that never was came & went..
I go about My business, Winterizing the dern genset .. Storing it for when I MIGHT need it one day.
Just before X-mas, I get this message on My voicemail....

Mr. So & So, You are under investigation by the U.S. Government, this is the CISI with the US Marines, please call us @ ***-*US-Army.. I about crapped My pants... then I thought, well a prank/Phishing call... Left it at that..
one morning Christmas Eve, I get this knock at My front door.. There's this Black SUV in My driveway.. And these 2 well dressed guys, at the door as I answered the door..
They then proceeded to show their Badges, ID's etc... They start questioning me about this Generator.. I was honestly crapping My pants.. I take them out to My workshop, show it to them, as they are asking even more questions, If I knew this guy at the Navy Air Station in Camp Lejeune... No, No & Double NO.. I still had My receipt from where I bought this thing... They opined I was "Lucky" because I was about to get charged for receiving & buying stolen Merchandise from the US .gov..
Oh My.. Turns out, A Young Marine Stationed at Lejeune Naval Air Station, had gotten in Financial Dire straights, with His Family, stealing stuff that belonged to His unit, the Genset being one piece of a lot of stuff..
They left with the Generator... I asked them HOW did they even find out WHO I was & My telephone & address..They told me, Even though they just got a description from the Pawn guy, NOT MY NAME, from that, also the in store video, they were able to track Me down.. And,, I had My My phone turned ON inside the store.
Let that sink in Guys...
It did turn out "OK" I was able to recoup My monies from My purchase.. From the Pawn Shop... (After a police report was filed by the .GOV).
Lesson, Be CAREFUL with Anything you purchase from a Pawn-shop, and Keep your receipt!
Oh,, If anyone here, wants to purchase a 10' 220v gen to wall socket cord, I got one.. 50.00 (brand new).... I paid over 60.00 for it.
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I don't think they could have done anything to bought it legitimately.
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unless they have audio on the video of him acknowledging that he knew it was stolen.
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