Resource to find ww2 vets

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Default Resource to find ww2 vets

First I want to say thanks to all our vets out there, you sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedoms.

Long story short, I was given all my grandfather (who served in ww2) old military items last weekend. He only would talk about The two times he was wounded to me. He was in some high causality battles and lost a lot of friends, and it effected him well into the 1990s.

I did find some photos with names and cities on the back from the war. I know these men survived because he burned all the photos of everyone that never came home sometime in the 50s. Any resources out there to find these guys?
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Originally Posted by Mud Runner View Post
Didn't work for me - tried my Dad's name AND each category?

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nursing homes. my dad was is on the Nevada in PH. In 45 years I've heard 15mins of talk about his 20 years in the Navy, 10 mins about PH. I met a 98 year old Army guy 2 years ago. Still living at home with his wife outside of Gainseville. Well spoken and talked for a few hours about going to the wrong beach during the Normandy invasion and about a couple of key battles in France. Learned what hedgerows really were and the idea of friendly fire was redefined.
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Anyone else
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Maybe poke around on the VFW website and see if you find something. Or stop by a VFW or American Legion and ask for the Service Officer.
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^^ also ask who the local legion post historian is, they keep members (current and past) info
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You could also try contact the WWII museum in New Orleans if they have any leads.
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If you can find out what outfit he was in,you may be able to locate websites for them.My dad was in the 6th bomb group on Tinian island and I was able to get some info from the 6th BG website and facebook page.
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Not sure about their website, but the CD ROM they published in the early 90's was the best thing going at the time.

My grandad put together a reunion group of the folks he served with. When the CD was launched he was able to add in quite a few more guys that they hadn't been able to track down.

Unfortunately, time is the biggest thing working against you. My granddad was one of only 3 out of his reunion group still living when he passed last September. I've got hundreds of hours of cassette and vhf tape from their reunions that I am planning to convert to digital sometime.
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I wonder how many names you are searching for. Most have probably passed by now, and you can find those using or You must know your grandfather's unit, so try a simple google search for a unit organization for a connection, such as this one: Sometimes these organizations have newletters with obits or mention the passing of members. Here is another one. It seems that these organizations are close to publication of membership directories, but I am sure the associations would check their membership rolls for you if you contact them directly.

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Lots of good info here, going to work on this next week. I will post updates!
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