A Real Standup Operation

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Default A Real Standup Operation

Seems we always see these threads about piss poor charter operations

Well Im here to tell you about one that is top notch in my book.

Every Thanksgiving break my son and I take a guided trip to Venice, LA for the great red fishing and Specks, and the other days we fish on our own. We started going to the Biloxi Marsh in the early summer and we loved the area. Venice is nice, fun, lots of fishing, but we wanted to try something new. So we decided to change our annual Venice run to Hopedale, the other side of the MRGO from Biloxi Marsh.

3 months ago made our Thanksgiving reservation and paid in full for 3 nights, as well reserved a guide the first day and fishing on our own the other 2.

A week before Thanksgiving I was informed that some family members that we havent seen in years was going to be here for Thanksgiving. So I called the charter service we were staying with and had to cut a day off our stay and push back the guide a day. All went well, and he refunded me a night stay right after I spoke to them.

The day after Thanksgiving, we are loaded up and trucking to Hopedale, boat in tow, dreaming of catching limits or Reds and Specks!! YAHOO!! been waiting for this day for months!!

About 2 hrs into our trek I get a phone call, family emergency back home. Talk about feeling the air leave the room, both my son and I were completely deflated, our trip was over before it really got started. we turned around and back home we went.

On the way home I called the charter to let him know that we were not coming. He said he understood and hoped everything worked out well, thanked me for calling him to let him know we wernt coming.

The very next day the charter refunded me the entire amount I had paid. I wasn't expecting this for I had canceled that very day we were to arrive. I totally would have understood if he didn't refund me, and I was ok with that, I canceled on him on the arrival date. he txt'd me and told me he refunded my reservation. I thanked him and told him I completely didn't expect a refund.

Who is this charter?

Dudenhefer's Fishing Charters Inc.
Boat Slips with Hoist, Lodging, RV Trailers & RV Trailer Space Rentals
4601 Hopedale Hwy. St. Bernard, LA 70085 USA
Phone: Cell: (504) 813-FISH (3474)

I will be returning to him for a very long time!! give Dude a call, heres is his cell number 504-813-3474

a few pics from his site

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So let me get this straight...these guys are top notch, right?

Dudenhefer's Fishing Charters Inc.
Boat Slips with Hoist, Lodging, RV Trailers & RV Trailer Space Rentals
4601 Hopedale Hwy. St. Bernard, LA 70085 USA
Phone: Cell: (504) 813-FISH (3474)
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I need to get into the business of helping out charters with their websites.... Side note I had a venice trip planned earlier in October... Captain cancelled two days before but the weather was supposed to be very rough for a very long time...
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