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Default Lupus

Just wondering if anyone has Lupus or a spouse that has it .
This past few months wife been feeling it.
Fatigue, pain and joint pain to no relief.
Just wondering if anyone has a go to all natural stuff.
She sees rheumatologist and primary care not much help .
Ibuprofen, anti malaria med to supress immune system.
Seeing new rheumatologist in Dec.
old one retired by the way shes 42 years old
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I would ask your new rheumatologist about methotrexate. Good luck. It's a trying disease.
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Muscle pain and stiffness in joints (arms hips etc) Any rash on the face?
Worse in the morning?
Need to see a rheumatologist for sure because it could be Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Similar to Lupus and Arthritis.
I had it for two years and it's treated with prednisone starting with low doses. Much safer then methotrexate. (less side effects)
The medical field doesn't know what causes it only how to treat it
The only way to eliminate one or the other is through blood work.

read this

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diagnosed sle
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Sorry bud, there is no "go to" for it. Its a tough disease. GF's stepmom has it and a buddy's new girl he's seeing does as well. Various severities of this disease, and almost every one seems like they're different and mostly suppress the immune system and treat the symptoms from what I can tell.

Stepmom is a stubborn ol lady and loaded on a bunch of meds. She's doing good at 70, still very active, out and about goes lobstering etc. Quite impressed by what she does - you'd never know she has it. Doesn't do anything about it "all natural"

Now - all natural since you asked:

This is an autoimmune disease. IMO The best natural treatment for those types of diseases is to give your body as little inflammatory contributors as possible, starting with diet:

It isn't easy but can be better than dealing with disease symptoms. Turmeric supplements may help some as well. You're probably going to need 3000mg per day at a minimum.
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