Squealing Clothes Dryer

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Default Squealing Clothes Dryer

My clothes dryer started squealing which is just the drum rear bearing, nothing a buddy bearing and zirc fitting wouldn't fix right? Or anybody have a better idea?
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I would guess the idler tension pulley
or maybe the rollers the drum rides on in the back
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That " bearing" ain't much....if it's like mine!

You might have front drum glides too. Do the belt while you're at it.

Get your shop vac and air compressor too. You'll see why!
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My girlfriend's dryer start to squeak (haha) ended up being the felt pads that the drum rests on, which can be replaced.
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What they said.
Get your model number and watch someone take one apart on utube.
You can order parts and fix it yourself in a couple of hours.
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Probably the belt. x2 on Youtube - amazing what you can find there.
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my dryer would squeal every time I put the kids in it for timeout......... maybe I shouldn't have run while they were in it. but as a parent it's a judgement call.
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