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Default Curved TVs

The recent threads on new television sets have unfortunately given me the urge for a new one. I currently have a 52" Samsung LED, and would probably go with a 65" this time. There are several sets at good prices, including some curved 4K LEDs. Can anyone school me on the benefits of a curved TV? Is there a reason to go with (or avoid) curved TVs?
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I don't know much about the curved TV but they sure do look cool in the store. Before you spend the extra money on 4k look into what type of 4k programming is actually available in your area. For me it is not worth spending extra on 4k because of the lack of programming access.
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Long as you sit near the center you have what feels like a wider TV is in front of you and there is along the same line a feel your seeing more detail. Natural in other words.

Mine is 4g and curved. I'll never go back to a flat screen.
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This article explains it pretty well. Doesn't do much for picture quality but looks cool....I guess. I'm shopping for a new tv and decided it's not worth the extra money.
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Basically, there are a few minor benefits and a number of drawbacks. The immersion value you see on a large theater screen does not translate as well on a small screen unless you like to sit very close.

Here is a pretty good article on the matter.
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I have a 9500 series Samsung curved screen 4k in my living room and love it. Picture quality is great when sitting in front and not really bad as long as you don't get too far off to the sides. 4k sources are unbelievable. Pretty much the only way I can describe it. Up-scaling does a pretty good job with HD sources. I have a 4k camcorder and it is a lot of fun to watch our movies on it. Fishing videos take on a whole new meaning!
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Curved monitors are great, because you typically sit 24" away from them.

Curved TV's are great for prying money out of your wallet and that's about it.
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My dad just got one, heck if I can figger out why. I'm not overly impressed with curve. Gimmicky IMHO.
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I have one and love it. I think in a large room it would not be as beneficial. My living room is not wide and I used to always turn my old tv if I was on the couch. Now with the curved tv any where you sit it looks like you straight in front of the TV. I have never moved it.
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4K is great I have one . Curved is a fad they only look good if you sit dead in the center if off to one side it doesn't look good. They won't mount flat against the wall either.
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Put a standard LED and a 4K LED TV next to each other, same input, and you can tell the difference thanks to the converter system in the 4K TV. Much sharper and brighter. Makes a big difference to my aging eyes. As to the curved screen, just think it is a gimmick.
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Weren't all of our TVs curved until the 90's when big, heavy flat screens became popular?...
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I still have curved screens in ma picture tubes.
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I cant help with your decision, but when you get your new one, send me the old one.
I'm still watching a 40 flat that I bought 11 years ago.
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My father in law just got a 65in curved TV, it feels weird to watch tv anywhere other than dead center. I don't hate it, but I don't really see any advantage to it, either.

FYI when buying, Costco extends all tv warranties to 2 years. If you use the Costco CC they add 2 more years, and if it's under $1000 the squaretrade warranty is $59. I was around $1150 uot the door after tax for a 70in LG 4k TV with 7 years of warranty last week when I snagged a black friday special.
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Bought a 65" curved UHD Samsung TV yesterday at Best Buy for $999. Had been putting off a purchase for months as other TV was on its last leg. Was waiting on Holiday sales. I think the curve is more immersive. Really for 4K there isn't much point as no one is shioping 4K content. Just buy whatever is on sale.
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We just purchased a new TV also and after looking at them in the stores decided to not buy a curved one. If you were anywhere besides dead center there was a dark vertical line down the center of the tv.
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I love mine, I've had it for a year now, while all my seats are basically in front of it, the side view is much better than the old Sony flat screen it replaced. While there isn't a lot of "4k" programming , the set "upconverts" many of the signals.

The picture is awesome and it never fails to get oohs and aahhhs from anyone that comes into my house.
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I have looked at them versus flat and do not like the way they look, it has nothing to do with cost.
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Thanks for all the input guys. Our living room is fairly wide compared to the depth, so if more than just 2 people watching, someone is going to be sitting a little off to the side. Sounds like a curved screen may not be the best choice. Unfortunately there are no longer any stores local to me with a good selection of TVs, so seeing them in person is not easy. So your feedback is extremely helpful.
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