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RGrew176 11-22-2016 01:59 AM

November 22, 1963, Where Were You
I was in my 9th grade speech class. Suddenly the PA came on and they were playing a radio station they announced that President Kennedy had died in Dallas. It was just before 2 PM here in Michigan. School was let out and there were lots of girls and a few guys crying openly. I walked home and mom had the TV on. Even though she did not vote for him she was deeply saddened. Mom and Dad contemplated driving us to DC to view the casket but they decided against it. We spent the next few days glued to the TV. It was then a very sad time and still is to this day.

I still believe there was more than one shooter. It is a day I hope this country never ever has to go through again. JFK was the last great democratic president. None of the dems since have come close.

Alureing 11-22-2016 03:04 AM

Just a shimmer....

DFreedom 11-22-2016 03:06 AM

Can't say for sure but if I had to guess, I'd say laying around with a poopy diaper.

JFK was the last great democratic president. None of the dems since have come close.
Especially if you ignore the adultery and drug use.

Onewolf 11-22-2016 03:09 AM

Three weeks old in Sunnyvale, CA.

streakolean 11-22-2016 03:25 AM

8th & I, Wash DC

airbrush 11-22-2016 03:30 AM

10th grade in Queens, NY. Announcement over the loudspeaker. I made a smart ass comment and a Franciscan Brother blind-sided me and left me sprawled out on the floor.

castnet 11-22-2016 03:35 AM

3rd grade...Lake Monroe Elementary .....we had no PA...teacher came in and told us.....

rsnapper 11-22-2016 04:04 AM

I was in the second grade at Charlotte Hyatt Elementary School in Moss Point, MS. The principle gathered all the students in the auditorium to give us the news.

mikee332 11-22-2016 04:21 AM

4th grade on a class trip to the American Museum of History in NYC. Remember the teachers all crying and we didn't quite comprehend what was going on.

Restrain 11-22-2016 04:23 AM

During lunch period in the 10th grade. Really a shock as kids at school had been joking about someone taking a shot at Kennedy in Dallas (I was in East Texas) since there was a lot of hatred towards Kennedy and northeast 'Yankees' at that time.

Jus Teasin 11-22-2016 04:36 AM

I don't know...I was 2.

myyellas2k 11-22-2016 04:46 AM

19 years, 4 months and 20 days before me

Eastport205 11-22-2016 04:51 AM

I was 10, I was home from school, sick. I ran upstairs and woke my mother (she waited tables nights), she thought I heard it wrong (that he was shot), I didn't.

Ahoy Vay 11-22-2016 05:01 AM

Still in the nut sack I guess...

SeaJay 11-22-2016 05:21 AM

Third grade. They sent us home early that afternoon without telling us why.

cedarholm 11-22-2016 05:23 AM

I was in Gaylord, Mi. I was 11 and we were up deer hunting.

back at it 11-22-2016 05:25 AM

10 years 11 months before my inception.

catfever24 11-22-2016 05:26 AM

Originally Posted by DFreedom (Post 9699952)
Can't say for sure but if I had to guess, I'd say laying around with a poopy diaper.

Yep, same for me.

dell30rb 11-22-2016 05:32 AM

9/11 was more my generation

ol guide 11-22-2016 05:34 AM

i was a lowly midshipman at the Naval Academy

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