Door rot repair

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Default Door rot repair

Rocker panel: (a trick to keep this here and not in Cars and trucks) Ok I stuck a screwdriver in and opened this up so it will drain out - what else can I do as a cheap "fix" .so it wont get worse? I never did any bodywork.
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Looks like Chevy? The rocker panel if I'm not mistaken. If so, it's common place for rust and there are patch panels sold online that replace the whole rocker. As far as cheap fixes go it's kind of a losing battle. In order for a rust repair to be effective for a reasonable amount of time all of the rust needs to cut out or it will just spread. Sure you could go with one of the putty then spray paint kits, but it will not control the rust and not be permanent. For me the quality of repair would depend on the condition of the rest of the truck, and how long you want to keep it, etc.
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That looked like my 2005 Ford Expedition I just sold. Only had 103k miles.
The truck was rusting everywhere.
I'm sure it was was a combination of the new salt treatment on the roads, and inferior steel that Ford uses.

Your best option is to cut out and replace the rockers if you plan on keeping your truck.

Glad it's gone!
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I have made similar repairs that have lasted years.

a couple ways to go. Grind the paint off beyond the rot area, cut out rot with disk cutter and then bang back all the edges to give the filler meat to hold onto.

First I would use cloth or matt, a couple coats to seal so moisture cannot come in from behind. Then sand well and finish off with filler like bondo. Follow filler directions for priming , etc.

If the cloth needs support, you can rivet in some strips of clean tin or work some diamond mesh into the area behind the repair.

If you don't use epoxy or resin first it will pop as soon as moisture gets behind it.

If the rest is thin and rotting you need to extend the repair and may need a new panel
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Do you guys still have Zebart out there?
Back in the day it was the bomb.
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I'm picturing your Chevy SUV type vehicles, these I would have to assume are full frame vehicles? If they are not then know that your rocker panels is part of the frame. If this is your frame/ rocker panel than I suggest you take the vehicle in to have the rocker(s) replaced...this is well above most people's ability. If this is the full frame vehicles I believe it to be then the rocker is really only there for show and holes don't matter....this you can patch yourself.

What's there is rust and a hole so don't shy away from it, it is what it is. What you need to do now is contain it. So....get in there with whatever tool you want and break off what is lose and what will crumble away, don't be shy. Get ride of everything that will come off and brush out or blow out the entire rocker of all debris. If the hole ends up being a foot long so be it, it's still just a hole in need of repair.. With a screwdriver or small hammer you will not break off good metal, only the rusted stuff.

Now that you've got the rusted area cleaned out you are onto the rebuilding stage. The cheapest and most effective thing you could use to stop the spread of the remaining rust that is there is to use use motor oil. 10w30 is better than 5w20, but it all works. If you've got used 80 90 weight oil you could use that too. The physical properties of rust, it just wicks oil. Rust wicks oil so good the area will self cover it's self to 100% complete coverage. So goop used oil in there or saturate a rag in oil and stuff it in there slopping it around and dragging it out (don't leave the rag in there). When you are done you don't need the oil dripping out, remember rust wicks oil so it will do the job for you.

Now go down to a welding shop or body shop and buy yourself a piece of flat stock metal (approx. 18 gauge, 16 is fine just a little harder to work with, and 20 gauge is a little on the light side (but will work)). You want this piece of metal to cover over your hole by several inches on both ends of the length and cover what you can vertically.

Now form your metal so it roughly contours the rocker. With it somewhat fitting good pre-drill holes in your patch so your rivets will have proper metal under the patch for a rivet to bit into (do Not pre-drill the holes in your rocker, only your patch).

Now that you are ready to fasten your patch, first give the back side of the patch a lick of used oil, not heavy, just a covering (a lick). Now start drilling and installing rivets working from one corner outwards. If you keep working outwards along one plain at a time you can get the patch to lay down completely.

Now to somewhat hide the patch you can tape off the rocker and spray black stone guard over the whole length of the rocker. If you want to try and colour match over top of the stone guard from a spray bomb then have at it.

The above is not a proper repair but it is a respectable repair that could carry your several more years down the road.
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Best thing about rust is........

Eventually it all goes away.

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