Could you live on an island?

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I lived in Hawaii as a kid, I remember it being crowded, and small at times, but I loved it, one of the islands with a slower pace of life, less urban and more rural, and you bet your ass I could.
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are we talking deserted island or something bigger with a grocery store and a couple restaurants? I could do either but I'm divorced and kind of a loner. If I didn't have kids I'd probably go live in a tent somewhere.
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My good friend lived for fifteen years on a private island in the Bahamas, pretty far from anything. They had power and water. Had to go to Nassau for hospital etc. Came here when his kid was eight. His wife won't go but he would go back In a second.
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Love the Island life. I was born and raised in Trinidad, lived 5 years in Antigua and 18 years in Bermuda. With the small islands like Antigua and Bermuda it is good to get away from time to time to prevent rock fever and to go shopping!
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Originally Posted by Parker Yacht View Post
My brother moved to Kauai, I went and visited in March. It is a LONG way to go for a visit from Florida.
Think about that and relatives and friends, especially ones out East.
This was one of the reasons it moved down the preference list for the lady. Something like 17 hours travel time from RSW.

The other thing for me is boating - out there the pacific is a whole different world. Much mellower water especially in the more protected areas in the Bahamas.
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