Honda 2000 generator

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I have the Honda 2kw and try and run it every month or so. This thread got me thinking...

Should I be running it under load, or will running it without anything plugged in do an damage?
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It would be a good idea to make sure it has good out put and carries load, not just running the motor.
but running unloaded should not hurt anything
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Ive read that it's important to put it under load. It shouldn't run for long without it.

Could be pure BS, like batteries should be stored on a piece of wood, not on concrete.
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I usually run mine under load just to keep it exercised, but all whole house generators are set up to run once a week for 10 minutes or so and they are never run under load. And then, when they are called on during a power outage, they are kicked in cold under full load. They seem to hold up pretty well.
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Also all big box yards and Ace stores by me sell gas in a can for small engines..

That has worked well for me in my small engines. Expensive but effective.
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Originally Posted by 99yam40 View Post
running the motor until it dies does not remove all of the gas from the bowl ,lines, and tank, just most of it. what is left dries up and leaves residue.
they put drains on some carb bowls for a reason. if they do not have one then drop the bowl to get it all out.

Best thing to do is keep treated fuel in them and run often so the fuel does not have a chance to evaporate and leave residue
I don't think a fuel shut off is intended to empty the lines and tank..not possible to empty anything prior to the shut off....
It does run till there's not enough to cause combustion...which I would consider empty...ive done mine this way for 14 years and it's sat 6 months or more with out starting...and still runs fine...

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For the price of a new carb, replace the exisiting carb and keep a second for an emergency in the shed wit the generator. Buy two new carbs and you will still be ahead of the labor for a repair man to rebuild an adjust the dirty carb
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There is a drain screw to clear all fuel in the bowl. Best to drain prior to storage.
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honda only sells the fuel bowl gasket in an expensive carb kit.
ace hardware will sell you the gasket for $0.10
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Honda EU2000 is not a generator,it is an inverter.You can run it without a load and will not hurt it.
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Default generator

just run often to exercise the motor off the gas to run dry to stop it thats it
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Default damm adds

how do i stop these DAM ADDS
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The best reason to put a load on it when running is to make sure everything is working - won't do you much good if you fire it up when you need it and find out it won't run your fridge. (will also burn through fuel much quicker than just letting it sit there idle)

For the smaller gens, getting to 50% or more load is easy. A space heater, hair dryer, shop vac, or similar will chew up 10+ amps easy.

On the carbs, I also agree, keep a spare one handy, then you can clean the gummed up one at your leisure and make THAT the new spare.
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