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Default New charcoal grill

Any recommendations on a new charcoal grill? My standards and budget are very low. I would like it to have an upper rack that can hold two full racks of ribs or 4-6 leg quarters. I prefer not to spend over $250.

My old grill was a $100 HD special that I got on sale for $70 that was bought sometime around 06 or 07. It has lived outside and uncovered within 500 yards of saltwater for almost half of its life. The other half we have lived within 1.5 miles of saltwater. It finally was retired just before Matthew came through.
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Weber kettle
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Standard Weber 22" kettle. If that is not enough, increase budget a bit and get the 26" Weber. My 22" is still going strong since 1997. The silver can be had for well under $100, and the gold for about $150. Gold has some nice additional touches, ash catcher, split grates.
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Second for Weber kettle. I do everything on mine, ribs, chicken, Boston butt, and makes the best burgers
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Weber Kettle 22". Good for direct and indirect grilling and seals off well too save coals also can control temp. easily.
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Webber kettle won't disappoint. Upgrade slightly to the premium model, which is still well within your price range. Better air control, and much more convenient to dump the ashes. Y8%7Cdm_mtid_890338a25189_pcrid_50058232181_pkw__p mt__product_205504077_slid_&gclid=CMyYpKrb0s8CFdg2 gQodb04Hww
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Another vote for Weber 22" kettle. I've done 3 racks of ribs at the same time on mine, just need a rib rack to hold them upright. If you shop a bit, you may find end-of-season sales on the Weber Performer, which is the 22" kettle with a table surface. If you don't have one, include a Maverick ET-732 or similar wireless remote thermometer in your purchase plans. Makes slow cooking over charcoal pretty simple.
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Look at a Chargriller Akorn. Basically a steel Big Green Egg copy. Cooks everything from low and slow BBQ to Pizza and will sear steaks at over 600. They are just over your Budget at 300 at Lowes.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like a kettle grill is in my near future.
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I'm another fan of the Webber Kettle grill. Read the directions on how to control the temp and after a few times using the grill you will have it figured out. The standard Kettle does not come with the thermostat for some reason and would add one. Just pick up grill thermostat from Lowes and drill a hole in the lid close to the handle. This will make controlling the temp much easier.
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I agree with Weber kettle. I have the one touch and love it.

I love charcoal grills. Have 3 Webers. Smokey Joe, Jumbo Smokey and the One Touch. My favorite is the little Smokey Joe. Use it on my boat.
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I had a Chargriller Akorn. It was awesome. I would buy another without thinking twice. It had easy temp control and could do anything from smoke for hours to create a nuclear searing heat. If you keep your temp down, you also got 5-6 times out of the charcoal. It is a great value for a good grill.
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I'm in the kettle camp. There really isn't anything you can't do with it. I went with the 26" because I cook for big groups a lot and it is one of the best things I've purchased. I think I've had it around 5 years and if I wipe it down on the outside it looks nearly new. A few years ago I bought a gas grill thinking it would be easier to use during the week for something quick and I used it twice in about a year's time. Got rid of it and only have the kettle now.
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if you can't find a weber kettle in your budget, check craigslist. nothing wrong with lightly used!
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The Weber Kettle is a grill for everything.
I have a large Weber genesis propane, a ceramic Kamado Joe, and my now old Weber kettle in a lineup.
The kettle gets a lot of use!
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As everyone else has said, you can't go wrong with a Weber.
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Akorn all the way I have had mine for years, live here on salt water. It will do anything you would want.
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Love my Weber Kettle grill, also have Weber nat gas grill but seldom use it.

I would get the one like I have with the temp gauge built in, that is very handy
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The Weber kettle is the way to go. But don't just get the regular kettle, get the version that has the built-in thermometer in the lid, the hinged cooking grate and the better ash catcher. Well worth the additional money.

Better yet, spend a few more dollars and get the Weber Performer. The kettle itself is identical to all the other Webers, but it is built into a stand with a tabletop, tool holders, charcoal storage and, most importantly, a gas ignition system for the charcoal. It also comes standard with the thermometer, hinged grate and upgraded ash catcher.

I have two of the kettles and a Performer, and the Performer is far superior to use than the stand-alone kettles. It is slightly out of your budget range, but it's the way to go since the grill will last for many, many years (I still have my original kettle I bought in 1985).
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I have the performer with the propane charcoal starting system. Basically brand new with cover and rotisserie system for $250 on craigslist.
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