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Default Recliner

It is time to replace a family room recliner. In the past, I have had LaZBoys. Any thoughts on what to get? I want something comfortable but nothing with electronics, cooler, built-in sound, etc.
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we have 2 of these in leather. They're a bit smaller but I swear more comfortable.
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Went to Lazboy and priced a recliner. Then stopped in Costco for something else. The recliner they had is as comfortable, looks good and was 1/4 the price. I sit in it everyday (am in it right now!).
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I don't know what brand our leather one is, but it reclines electrically and has a USB port
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I had 2 LazyBoy recliners in my lake house, and the backs broke off--the same day. Inferior products.

The top of the line upholstered furniture is Hancock & Moore. Other great recliners are Barcolounger's premium line. Those will run about $850 in cloth and about $1,100 in leather.

I recently bought a used Hancock and Moore hide-a-bed for $200. I was bowled over to see it was over $5K new. I've had a matching recliner for 25 years--in great shape.

I'm a believer in buying good quality upholstery as it's a strong value for the long run.
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Default Recliner . . .

Sounds like you want a recliner for general use.

About five years ago, due severe back injuries for both the Admiral and I (her back injuries were military related, mine was a boating accident), we invested in a "stressless" recliner made by a Norwegian company, Ekornes.

They are NOT cheap. Extremely well made and the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in. By far. Five years later and it looks just as good as when the day I had it delivered.

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I have a 30 some year old Flex Steel that has been flawless in operation and wear.
It is the only recliner I have ever reclined in that DID NOT pull your shirt tail out when going back.

It's name is, "Ole Brownie" and no, it's not for sale.
It's family.

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Flex Steel
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What's with this memory foam Lazy Boy is offering. Is it anything to consider or just a useless upgrade?

I have five 20 year old Lazy Boy's I want to replace. Held up well, I'm just not happy with these prices, seems excessive by any measure for a piece of furniture.
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my wife bought me a Stressless for my birthday I have a bad spine. when i got it i was not impressed and it was very expensive. it is the only chair in the house that I can sit in for long periods of time when things get bad. I am going to invest in a second one for the other room.
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I hate lazy e boy. The back broke. It was made of a cheap particle board that looked dried out. Even though it was under warranty only the part was covered. Labor was like $200. It broke again a few months later. Same part. I didn't want to pay again so I threw it away and bought one from bobs. Much nicer and better warranty. I like the power recline. It holds in the exact perfect position.
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Hancock & Moore.

'nuff said.
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If you don't mind spending the money, I'll 2nd the vote for Ekornes Stressless recliners. My wife picked up a used one (can't afford a new one) and had it recovered. We fight over it.......I usually lose.
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The main thing laz-y-boy has going for them is the mechanism. There aren't many chairs that you can lean back in without putting the legs out...and easily adjust how far back you recline...

The stressless chairs are great too though.
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Never owned an Ekornes recliner, but if they're built anything like their couches, you won't be disappointed.
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We just purchased this one with the matching ottoman. Amazing chair.
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