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Default Best wishes

Prayers & good thoughts going out to all you guys & gals in the hurricanes path, hope all goes well.
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I was conversing with a woman via email in Florida...said I wished I was down there (I like storms, and we haven't seen a real hurricane up here in ages) then I saw the pictures....I Don't get cable nor do I watch TV...I didn't realize how bad it was Here's a really stupid question: are the buildings and hotels in Florida designed to withstand hurricanes to some degree - like the hotels/buildings in California for earthquakes?
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To answer the question above since hurricane Andrew the building codes were upgraded so anything newer than 20 years is built to withstand. That being said we are gonna get hammered tonight by this storm. There will be a lot of loss. My house got upgraded after the last hurricanes so I'm staying and hoping for the best. Good luck to anyone else in the path......
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