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My daughter Sydney

Old 09-13-2016, 10:06 AM
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Default My daughter Sydney

We adopted her at birth, took her home from the hospital at 3 days old, 3 days before Christmas. Like all of you I could fill a book with stories of how wonderful my girl is, but that's just a parent loving their child and I won't bore you with that.

Here's a spot we can all exchange a few of the softer, funnier, and loving things they do day in and day out.

Sydney just started 1st grade a few days ago, on Friday she came home with homework, color in a white poster a picture of a farmer and on his pockets tell us something about yourself. Easy enough right?

Sydney, colors the poster but doesn't color the farmers coveralls, mom says Sydney you need to color in his overalls blue. Sydney comes back with, "Why, it's not like they can kick my out or something."

She's going to be a tough one.

So your turn to share one.
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love it
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Our daughter, Sidney (yes, that is how it is spelled for her) is 9 and we are getting her into doing regular chores around the house. One of them is taking out the recycle bin to the curb. This past weekend my wife, myself, and Sidney were discussing it and she said she didn't want that chore, wanted her brother to have that one. We explained to her what voluntold was. She got and said it was like homework from school. Yep, you got it !! :-)
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I remember dropping my first born off at daycare the first day. I must have been coming down with something because my eyes were cloudy all the way to work. It seems like just yesterday I sent my boys off to 1st grade. Now one is a college junior and one a high school freshman. Despite me being their dad, they have turned out pretty darn good. Must be their Mother.

Your daughter sounds like a hoot.
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So Sydney now 7 at times will speak a little like a baby, my wife says to her,

Wife: "Sydney, why are you talking like a baby?"

Sydney: I don't want to grow up.

Wife: Growing up is something we all do, it's just part of life, why does this concern you?

Sydney: Cause if I grow up I'm going to get boobies and I don't know how to take care of them.

She worries far too much. LOL
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My youngest is also Sydney .... great name !!!
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My son attends a religious based private school. The class was asked what you would do if you come across a person stuck on the road with a flat tire.

His answer:

If it is a guy, I question his sexuality as what kind of man cannot change a flat tire

If it is a woman, the amount of assistance I render is directly tied to how hot she is.
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I only deal with Hard Core boys from the hood for a reason.
I'm sending prayers..
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Sept 2016 - Walking early morning. Griffin (3 yrs old - "Dad, The moon is bright. I can't reach it...Dad, can you get it for me? I want to take it home."
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My brother and his wife were called to school over my kindergartner nephew.
He kept putting his hands down his pants. In a meeting with the teacher and principle my Brother asked him why he was doing that.
He said "my penis is stuck in my tentacles". Only my brother laughed.
That is some funny stuff.
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My two year old started pulling out the bottom freezer drawer and yelling Ice Ice at the Ice maker bin.

I added the baby, and now every time she sees ice cubes she yells Ice Ice BABY!! With enthusiasm. Going on two months now with no signs of stopping. I still laugh but my wife is not amused.
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Mine are cracker born.
My oldest, now 16 was suspended from 1st grade because he brought in not 1 but 2 snakes to the classroom after recess. Seems he managed to corner a pair of black snakes and grabbed them both. He was quite pleased with himself. The teacher was not impressed. Same kid got tossed from the school bus first day of 1st grade for fighting. Kid tried to bully him out of his seat. Dad taught him to stick up for himself. He never rode the bus again. Its all fun and giggles now but with three kids it wasn't long before the wife issued a mandate stating that Dad (me) was banned from all school admin and teacher communications. Must have been something I said..
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My daughter is so headstrong I wouldn't know where to start. Suffice it to say... I'll apologize here and now if any of your boys cross paths with her.
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My first born, Victoria, finally asked my wife how she got here and ended with and don't say a stork brought me; probably aged 5 or 6. So my wife explains, as simply as possible, but basically tells her the truth.

When my wife finished with the natural birth part my daughter looked up at her, in horror, and says, "Don't tell dad!"
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My 4 year old is a natural athlete. You name it he can do it. Picked up a bat at 2.5 yrs old and said pitch to me(bats left and right equally well). He is a better ball sport athlete than my 11 and 7 yr old. Loves football, soccer, basketball etc.

Anyway, so he started soccer a couple weeks back, plays once a week for 40 minutes. Every week, 10 minutes in, other kids are wining about being tired, and laying on the field etc. They're 4, I get it, no big deal. My kid just goes about his business, scores all the goals for his team and hustles all the time. At the the end of the "game" he cries cuz the time is up and he wants to keep playing. My wife and I just laugh, and tell him he would be playing by himself.

The older two have found their place in the pool, but i still give them a hard time because the 4 year old can hit, throw and catch better than the 2 of them combined.

Crazy how kids can be so different, yet come from the same stock.
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While my boys are up and on their own (oldest just out of the USMC, Youngest a US Navy Corpsman (GreenSide)).... There are always tales we tell from when they are younger.

While camping one year at a lake in Colorado, we walked around what was an island when the lake is full. I decided to cut through the growth back to camp and my youngest wanted to tag along. I told him to just follow the game trails as it was the path of least resistance.
A few moments later he pulled a left turn when I went right (no chance of getting lost here) and he calls out to me... "Dad, I found the path of existence". Needless to say, after considering it for just a quick second, I turned around just to make sure it really wasn't the Path of Existence.

My oldest used to talk in his sleep a lot, occasionally walking into the room and asking a question or something.... once while hunting up on the mountain, we laid in our bags in the tent, snow lightly falling outside, and I'm telling them requested stories of my adventures on the mountains while hunting. I noticed the change in breathing, it got quieter and both were starting to sleep. I killed the light, rolled over and figured 4am was going to be there early....

Out of the blue, and loud as he can... in the dead of sleep my oldest yells..... Dad, Dad... The bears, they are breaking, breaking the trees... then goes right back to sleep.
Now, this was loud, my youngest is now laughing like a nut job and I am sitting up with my pistol.....i had to check... and I now had to pee. Went to the door, unzipped it and stepped outside into a full moon and a ground full of snow...

No broken trees.... but I made some yellow snow.
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Glad I have boys, not sure I could deal with a headstrong daughter along with my Irish wife....
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Love these stories, it's a nice distraction from life.
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Originally Posted by inboardman View Post
Glad I have boys, not sure I could deal with a headstrong daughter along with my Irish wife....
Why not? I'm doing it .
God help me !
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Good read. Nice wind-down after a long week.

I have all girls. My baby girl, now grown & living in TX, when about 5 or 6 came up with a cute one that we've kept a running joke all these years.

She was hanging out with me in the deer stand and her favorite pastime was to tell me all the cool inventions she was going to come up with when she grew up. After some particularly good one, I asked her where she came up with all these brilliant ideas.... she pokes her temple repeatedly and says "kidneyyyys". From that day forward, whenever appropriate, I'd tap my temple and say "Kidneyyys", but only in her presence or so noone else could hear. Every time she's ever done it in the presence of others and says "right Dad", I say "what the hell are you talking about" and pretend I have no clue.

Still winds her up to this day, but also ultimately gets me that smile that never fails to light up my heart.
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