Replacing Vinyl Tile flooring

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Default Replacing Vinyl Tile flooring

My basement, 2 rooms, has a 40 year old vinyl floor and the tiles are coming loose and are very brittle so many are breaking.
What is the recommended way of replacing this type floor? Is there a better product?
How would you deal with the glue or adhesive that's left?
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Put DriCore (or similar product) over them, then whatever flooring you want.

At 40 years old there may be asbestos. It's not worth the $ to remove or chance it.

If you must remove, they have floor scrapers at HD/Lowes. It's a good work out.
Scrape as much as you can so it's smooth.

No Hardwood in the basement so tile, carpet, or vinyl.
Floating vinyl doesn't require glue and is an easy-ish DIY.
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Flooret Modin LVT Planks $3.49 sq ft. Very good product.
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I would echo what Friogatto said about the possibility of asbestos, especially if 9" x 9" tiles. It's best to disturb as little as possible, use self leveling compound for the low spots, and put new flooring over the top. Lots of options for floating vinyl these days, including "planks" that snap together. It can be laid over almost anything, is pretty forgiving if the surface below isn't perfectly flat, and can be had in many patterns. You won't need a bunch of special tools, as straight cuts can be achieved by scoring (the back side) with a box cutter and snapping at the scored line. More complex cuts can be made with a pair of vinyl siding cutters, especially if you hit it with a heat gun for a few moments to warm it.

Another option is vinyl tile, but that has to be glued down, is less forgiving about the surface below, and generally takes longer because each piece is smaller.
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