WHO do I SUE???????

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Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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Don't sue. Did you pay with a credit card? Dispute your charge!
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So here's what my argument would be if I were the defense. You have not shown that any of the alleged damage sustained in the shipping process was what resulted in the $3000 repair cost. You sent a non-working unit to a company who told you they could repair the unit for $250. It turns out that not only could they not repair it for $250, they could not repair it for any amount (proprietary board, outside of their scope of expertise). Eventually the non-functioning unit arrived at a facility that did successfully repair it for $3000. There is nothing in evidence that any of the repair costs were the related to damages which may have been sustained in the shipping of the unit. If a shorted out board was cracked in shipping, or a metal panel was bent or damaged with a nonfunctional component, it would have needed repair/replacement in any event. You have not established any direct link between one cent of the $3000 repair cost and any alleged damage in the shipping process (never mind that it is not clear if the damage occurred while the unit was in the custody of Global, UPS, or after it hit receiving at the company that completed the repairs).
I'm not a lawyer, and I didn't even sleep at a Holiday Inn last night, but from the information you posted it's quite possible that this was a $3000 repair form the very beginning, and you're likely going to have a tough time proving otherwise or collecting from anyone on this one.
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This guy needs a yoga retreat. I hear this forum has one frequently discussed.

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