People Who Back Out

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Default People Who Back Out

Sorry in advance for the long read:

For many years, I have been buying season tickets to the school my wife and I graduated from. I historically bought 4 tickets. 2 for my wife and I, and 2 for another couple. So when the football schedule comes out in January, I book hotel rooms that day for the games I want to go to in Sept and Oct. Every year the same thing happens. Our “friends” know we are season ticket holders, ask if we are going to such and such game and if we do, can they go with us to this one “because we really want to go to that one”. Wife and I discuss later, agree to commit to these folks that the tickets are theirs. Tell them that they need to book a room and fyi, here is where we are staying. They say “OK, cant wait!”, but then don’t book a place. Months go by, good times are had with these friends over the summer. Then a week or two before the game, they call us telling us how sorry they are, how much they love us, etc. but little johnny has a soccer game or molly has a dance recital. The frustrating thing is, there isn’t a single couple that we know that hasn’t done this to us over the years at least once. It’s like we are a freaking joke. So last year I cancelled the other 2 tickets, and only got two. The same groups asked about games last summer and I have to admit I took pleasure in telling them we only had 2 tickets. I said or texted to each after they asked, “We got tired of people jerking us around…there are plenty on stubhub. Buy some. Would be awesome to see yall there.” The season went well...we didn’t stress about who was going or if they would cancel, had a great time in our seats by ourselves and those around us, didn’t have procrastinators crashing our hotel room, or asking to ride with us (4 hr drive). It was nice.

So for some reason I let my wife convince me to go back to 4 tickets for this year (2016). I am already getting annoyed thinking about it……any advice?
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Pics of the wife or can't help...

Here's the issue, games & good times are a pleasure for you and yours... Others get excited about your excitement & commit based off of that fuzzy feeling they get when they hear your great game stories & past good times.

They wait it out instead of telling you early on that they just "aren't feeling it" or "wife has a hair appointment". Seems like you got the message & sent your message loud and clear by buying only two tickets. Good for you!!

Lesson = some people suck & you know some people

Man just read again & you bought 4 tix this year.... gluttony is hell
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Deliver tickets and ask for payment when they commit. We have Noles' season tickets as well
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What was her reasoning for buying 2 more? Did she want the others to come? Perhaps you tell them because of past issues you cannot commit to giving it to them until they have paid and booked a room. Tell them there is a big demand for these and that is the only fair way to make it fair for all your friends that are interested??
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I think your wife now gets to share in the fun of lining up someone to go to the game(s). And when I say share, I mean do it all.

Gently explain that your are tired of the master planner role and that she should take over those duties. If not, make sure to sell the tickets to some very nice looking young women.
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Had 4 season tics for the Eagles for many many back to early 80's
Went through the same thing....with family.

10 years go, only renewed 2... shit hit the fan within the family. oh well.
I am not a bank.

Still have "my " 2, you want yours, stubhub or get on the 50k+ person waiting list.

Like having a boat and waiting for people to come up with excuses why they did not show up or call the day the said they would be going out with us.
They don't get asked anymore either.
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money talks.

just like the back of the ticket says, no refunds/exchanges.
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PM me the schedule and I'll tell you which weekend you should hold for us.
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Clearly the problem is the tickets were for FSU games...
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I like your approach to the backing out people. I know how it is trying to get along with the wife and that is more important than two tickets.

I dragged a boat two hours because someone said they were interested in fishing. They backed out. Given the cost per mile to drive a tow vehicle and other expenses I suspect that I might have been out a similar amount to your tickets. It is a drag to deal with folks that back out.
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Originally Posted by nicecast View Post
Clearly the problem is the tickets were for FSU games...
This guy is on to something.
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I would just by the two tix and let them pony up and not take the chance of other family events precluding them from making it.
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I'm convinced that more people back out than actually stick to a commitment. People seldom even have the decency to RSVP for an invited occasion.

Buy your own tickets, make your own arrangements, whomever wants it badly enough will show up and you will enjoy their company.
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Well we can not answer without knowing WHAT SCHOOL, if it is not in the SE then really does not matter and tickets can be bought at the gate on game day


I would NOT buy extra tickets, like others if they want to go that bad I just tell them they can try and buy some at the game(never seen ANY event where you could not buy tickets if you had a pocket full of cash) or they can find them online
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I have season tickets to a few different sporting events that are hard to get into every year or find any reasonable tickets for sale on the open market. All of the tickets are the absolute best seats in the house and took a lot of connections/time/effort to get. People ask me all the time for tickets and typically I turn them down due to the same scenario you are in. My wife and I fly to the events and stay overnight and when others start to add up the price for doing this the back out and make up an excuse at the last minute.

I finally realized life was too short to be a "friend" to someone that viewed you as a "ticket broker."

Let them put the time/effort/$ into finding tickets and meet up with them at the game. It will turn out better for all parties involved. You won't feel like you are being used and they won't feel like they are indebted to you.
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Why would you not tell each person that wants to sit next to you at a certain game that they can buy the tickets on either side of yours in advance? You should only commit to season tickets for the seats that you know you are going to use.
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I love having the extra elbow it wouldn't bother me at all.
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OP-I'd let your wife deal with finding a home for the other two and IF you do, have them pay for the tickets NOW and then give the tickets to them! Monkey is off your back then.

I have a buddy that regardless of the ask, his reply is "we should maybe be able to make it"...not sure wtf that means. I used to think it meant he and his wife would make the event unless some crazy circumstance came up. After getting this about a dozen times, I realized it meant they'd make it if nothing else came up. So, they still get invited to events but when it comes to them, I count them out. If numbers of guests are needed, I give him a deadline to respond yes or no. You can imagine the satisfaction I got the first time he gave me a yes AFTER the deadline...told him sorry, another couple is coming since I never heard from him.
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You have expectations of others and you have no control over the situation.

I was in similar situations myself and have given up on others. I am much happier.
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Easy, when they "ask" you what game they want tickets for, they buy them right then and there from you. You have no downside risk.
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