3M Eraser Wheel Question

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Default 3M Eraser Wheel Question

I need to put new labels on my pool mechanicals (lines, valves, etc). I need to remove the old labels and was thinking an eraser wheel would be faster than goo off or something like that.

My question is .........will an eraser wheel burn through the PVC piping or just remove the label as long as I dont grind on it for an extended period?

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On a hot day try peeling off the old stickers first. Goo Off type products only help removing the adhesive after the stickers are removed.
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It's supposed to. I removed all the pinstripes off of my wife's new car at the time and hit some of the plastic painted molding and some of the rubber trim and didn't do any damage. Just take it easy and slow.
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You won't go through, but it you try really hard, you might lightly melt the pipe. I use it on automotive paint almost daily and it doesn't hurt it. I have used it on plastic trim, but you have to be smart about it.

I'd try Fishingfun's idea first, but no, the 3m wheel won't affect the PVC.
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Just don't keep it on any one spot for an extended period of time, kind of like rattle can spray painting. Keep it moving.
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Use a hair dryer carefully
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It won't burn through at all. It's designed to chew itself up.
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