Connecticut snow

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Default Connecticut snow

Its Sunday morning 9:45 am... BIG TIME snow outside and its still blowin sideways ..
I guess the new snoblower no snow myth is out the window.
Fire yours up Parkersal !!!!
I'm waiting for my plow guy to come and doing laundry.
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Default Re: Connecticut snow

Just posted some pictures in Photos byram....

I made the first run (13inches) with the Honda at 8:00am. I'll do it again at 2:00pm. The Honda worked great. But I had to shovel lots of stairs, deck, etc. as well. I got tired of 100 bucks for a snowplow to do a half-assed attempt in my driveway alone, wrecking pavers, driving on the neighbors lawn, wrecking bushes, and leaving a big pile of snow still partially blocking the garage. Screw himmmmmm! Wait... my back is killing me. Screw me......???
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Default Re: Connecticut snow

Great pix Sal..!!
My new machine is in my Bro in laws garage. Since I'm building the new house I'm livin at the in-laws and they have a service take care of the snow. I just have to shovel the back deck area. The plow guy doesn't get out of his truck. (typical). My BIL just called and I told him to unwrap the machine, oil it up,gas it up and have at it !! Might as well see what the beast can do in the 16"+.
I'm having a good time here, my wife took 2 of my kids along with her parents and went away for the weekend. Its just me and my son (2.5 yr old) watching TV and eatin lolipops !. I'll take him out later when the snow stops and try and snap a few pix.
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Default Re: Connecticut snow

Well, we were supposed to get some snow...

Woke up and it was snowing, but not real hard and at 34 degrees, it just wasn't gonna be sticking around.

Good luck to you fellas up North..
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Default Re: Connecticut snow

Don't say up north Woody because we basically don't have any snow, the grass is still showing through. You've probably got more then use.
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