Advice needed - Job Related

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Default Advice needed - Job Related

I am in a quandry, I recently resigned from my sales Job at a large international logistics company to work for a smaller international logistics company. This happened several months ago. The resaons, more pay, less travel, alot of upside potential. I thought, I had made the right choice but now that I am into it I am not so sure. The sale is quite different than what I am used to. In my previous position the sale was more strategic in nature, long term and on a worldwide basis. This sale is very transactional and commodity driven, alot of cold calling etc.

I have been given the opportunity to come back to my old company, I have asked for a little more money, since this is what I had a problem with to begin with. (BTW - I am still travelling). I am happy at the propsect of going back, I am not happy at my current job.

My old company is well thought of, and a name brand everyone knows, starts with a U. The new company is more of a niche player with little name recognition.

Has anyone out there in THT experienced a similar situation? If so any advise?

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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related

Somewhat similar... Here is the "take" from the owner of the "new smaller firm."

I started a brokerage firm several years back. We have hired four employees in addition to the crew we started with back in 2000. Two of them remain.

The two that left were very nice people, and they came because of higher commision payouts, a more familial small firm environment, and to improve their quality of life. They left because it was a much harder sale than they were used to at Goldman Sachs, etc. Prospecting is involved to some extent, and they underestimated how hard it could be (I was very straightforward about how it was a tougher call....). At the big firms the customers pick up the phone and call you, not the other way around. They have gone back to big firms because they found the safety net there more comforting. Our type of entrepreneurial environment is not for everyone. The ones that are still here are thriving.

The bottom line is we are all happier that they left (they are happier, and we are happier for them as, like I said, they are nice people). If you are asking these questions you should on no uncertain terms return to your old firm in my opinion. Different people and personalities have different needs; that is life and nothing to be ashamed of. We all spend too much of our lives at work for us not to match our personalities with the right opportunities.

You will be happier at your old job, as you have been on the other grass, and are richer for the experience. You know yourself better as well.
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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related

Jbigwater, I think you answered your own question in the first few statements, "I thought, I had made the right choice but now that I am into it I am not so sure."......... "I have been given the opportunity to come back to my old company".........(you just called it an opportunity) "I am happy at the propsect of going back, I am not happy at my current job."
Well Dude, if you're not happy then you're probably not productive, and if you're not productive then you know what will eventually happen.....
starts with an A and ends with an XE.............
NOW, that's just my opinion...... Good luck with your decision............. Keep us posted...
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Default RE: Advice needed - Job Related

Thanks Parker and Bailey - good feedback and much appreciated. When I sent the message I pretty much already knew what direction I would be taking. Your feedback helped confirm this. This is why I like THT so much, great site even for non boating info.

I am now waiting for a proposal from my previous employer.

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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related

jbigwater - I know that you probably already know this but I'll just reiterate....

Life is TOO SHORT to work someplace where you are NOT HAPPY ~

There's way more to life than money...... but I know that you know that ~

Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do. Keep us posted!
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Default RE: Advice needed - Job Related


Just a couple words of caution on returning to a former company. A little insight into my past, I sell software services for an international company who supplies technologies to help companies manage their supply chain activities. Warehouse, Transportation, Labor, Planning, etc. I am fortunate enough to be with the leader in this space that has an excellent sales support organization. That wasn't always the case. When I started out, we were all one man shows. We knew the products inside out, and we were all able to perform software demonstrations. We all had to create and manage our pipelines. Now I have a dedicated group that handles that, and I am focused on "strategic selling". Fortunately, I know the space and the applications better than my competitors and am able to gain instant credibility during the sales process. Point being, don't rely on others to do your job. I love competing against other sales reps who come from the ERP companies. These folks generally know little or nothing about the space and the applications they are selling. Typically they are order takers. Don't let yourself fall into that category working for a larger company. You need a competitive advantage when selling large complex deals.

About going back: I would never rehire someone who has voluntarily decidied to leave my company. Not worth the headache it will create internally among the sales force. Others will think they can play the resignation card in order to up their position. Our top producers don't leave. They make too much money. If someone on my team is considering leaving, I will quickly show them the door. We all have quotas to carry and we all have to be didicated to the task. My job requires significant travel, both domestic and international. I don't have the time to worry about non performers. Sounds harsh, but no one ever said selling was easy. Just something to think about.

UPS - great company with decent products and great name recognition. I assume your are selling services as well as solutions. You are in a good position to do well at that company. As more companies becoame global and supply chains get more complicated, a lot of the tier one and two companies are being forced to outsource their logistics due to lack of internal competency. Make sure that you return at the same grade and that you can pcik up where you left off in term of vesting. I wish you the best of luck. It won't be easy.

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Default RE: Advice needed - Job Related

Jbig - are there any other large companies in a similar field close to you? Have you considered another large company instead of returning to your old company? How long have you been at the new job? If things don't work out by going back to your old job and you start to look for work again, how will it look to a potential employer that you went back to work for your old company? Just some points to ponder.

You mentioned cold calling. Is that something you don't like to do? Is that part of the reason you don't like the new job? Because, as I am sure you have heard before, that is just a numbers game - the more you call the more successful you will be. I am also a big believer in consistent follow-up.

If you believe in your product, have excellent knowledge of it, along with your prospects and your competitors, you will succeed no matter where you work or what you sell.

Best of luck to you and once you decide what to do feel confident in your decision.


Mrs. TinMarine
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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related

Well isn’t this a fine mess you’ve got me into Olly.

Are you in a pickle....oh yah you now what do you do?

[red]Question: Does your current employer know your previous employer has made you an offer for your return?
Question 2: Why do you think your previous employer came about making you the offer to return?
Question 3: Do you think your previous employer knows you are less happy with your current employment then you were with your previous employment?
Question 4: With your current employer, you know what you don’t like and what you do like, can you see a way your current employer can accommodate your expectations?
Question 4a: Have you meet or exceeded your current employers expectations for them to even consider addressing your concerns if you were to sit down with them to renegotiate your terms/ roll of employment? [/red]

Well aside from the questions above, I’ll tell you what you do, use the tools you have to your advantage. You’re in logistics sales right,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well throw logistics sales aside cause now you’re into jbigwater sales, you are now the commodity. And what do you do in sales, right you negotiate and sell; so be the commodity and sell it. If you are good enough for the previous large employer to want you back, then show them just how good you really are. Negotiate yourself a better deal, a better deal then you had last time around....hell go big, go for the position of the guy that oversees the guys in the’re into sales, you know what I mean.....yah push where you can push.

salty_dog said, “Others will think they can play the resignation card in order to up their position.” As much as I would agree to that statement I will still have conjecture, not all employees are an equal. There is a HUGE difference between intentionally playing Russian roulette and finding out you just played Russian roulette and got away with it.

Here I have to totally agree with salty, IMPO you have to return with NO LESS THAN equal standings from where you left off, that includes pension plan if the company had one.

If you were any good at sales you’ll know how to line up your go line them up all spit shined and polished and get it tiger.
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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related

Thanks again guys for the replies!! Here is an update to my dilema.

As mentioned my ex Boss called me last week, I had no intention of calling him or even contemplated going back to my old company.

He picked my interest when he called. His comments were:
1) Just checking in, I have been dragging my feet on filling your position in case you had a change of heart and wanted to come back
2) There is no problem with coming back, no need to worry about perception, People try new things
3) You left on impeccable terms
4) Key memebr of the team.
5) I can just reinstate you, just like you never left

Plus many others, We had our conversation and I asked him for a proposal as I was not coming back on the same terms as I left. The reasons I left were, I was underpaid, there had been a raise freeze for a few years and I was constantly travelling.

Today he says:

1) You are in the candidate pool (candidate pool - are you effing kidding me)
2) If I bring you back it can set a precedent ( like I was begging to begin wth?)

Basically blew me off. I was befuddled by this conversation, but it reinforced the reason I left to begin with. The only concern is dollar signs and the impact to his budget. I was his best sales guy for many years with over 26 million in business annually.

Thanks again for your comments, they helped alot!!!!!!!!!! - now time to focus all of my energy on the new business.

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Default RE: Advice needed - Job Related

If you are not happy at your job, you are destined to have a miserable life. :You spend more of your wakening hours at work than anywhere else. You need to move on and get a life and a good job. Good Luck!
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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related


The windshield of your car is much larger than the mirrors. Your future is ahead of you, not behind you.

Your old job is in the mirror. Leave it there. Most times, you can't go back, because you don't have the bargaining power. but you already found that out. Hopefully you told the guy politely to pi$$ off.

You left to better yourself, because you think you were worth it. Not everybody feels that way.

Sometimes opportunity knocks, but we don't recognize it because it's dressed in work clothes.

Make it happen. For you. For your family. For your company.
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Default Re: Advice needed - Job Related

sounds like he really picked up on your interest and is just setting the table for a lowball proposal.

he probably wants you back but doesn't want you to know how much....playing the tough guy.

however, like you said, just the way he acted is enough not to go back.

same thing happened to a buddy of mine....he left a decent job because the owner never came through with some initial buddy was tired of getting strung along. he left to go work for a friend of far his friend has lived up to every single condition and has been early with some of the scheduled pay raises.....he also gave him a loan from the business to help my buddy pay for his fathers funeral.....that's a good place to work.

recently, the old company has been after him to come of the vp's even came to see my buddy at his new job and see how things were going. they offered him what he was promised in the first place....2 years ago. if they had stuck to their word and promoted him like they originally said, he would have never left. honoring your word goes a long way in employer/employee relationships. my buddy doesn't regret leaving at all.....he's tickled with the new "no bs" atmosphere.

i had worked for my buddy's original boss at one time when i was in college....great guy, intelligent, built a multi-multi million dollar business from scratch in less than 10 years. however, sometimes people like that are the worst to work for....they think everyone else should struggle like they did.

being happy and feeling respected are two very very very important things.

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