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Default The cove atlantis

Anyone been to the Cove at Atlantis? I got invited to our company's presidents club trip this year and it at the Cove just wondering what to expect.

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Crap posted in the wrong forum. Mods can you move this to dockside chat?
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The cove has some amazing suites. Atlantis as a whole is way past its prime in my book. General grounds are showing their age. Somehow it seems a lot of locals are getting into the pool areas now, believe me that is not a good thing. Walked across the lagoon bridge and counted the beer bottles in the crystal clear water back in August and yes they had been there a long time. Sad how hard is it to get bottles out of 12 ft of water. Pool baths were nasty. Staff mostly rude. Everything is over priced. I don't mind paying four seasons prices if the accommodations are five star. Atlantis is way from five star. I am done with the place. Over rated now. But if you got an invite and are not paying what the hell. Enjoy the trip.
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Make sure you walk down to the marina. Some pretty sweet boats tied up there.....
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I was there a couple weeks ago...and have been half dozen times over the past few years.
I don't believe there is a nicer Casino in the Caribbean...(but am open to suggestions).
We enjoy eating at can get a decent steak at the Seafire..we didn't much care for 77 west.
I found the property to be spotless...didn't see the beer bottles in the water etc. mentioned above.
I found that the staff this trip were friendly and positive, but in years past had one or two indifferent ones.
The work out center is first rate...the Spa is first rate.
The pool areas are first rate,
The activities and aquarium infrastructure are first rate. Do the dolphin thing...everyone loves it.
My kids did the trainer for a day a couple years ago, and stayed in touch with one of their guides via twitter and facebook etc.
They got together this trip and, he took them around to a lot of the behind the scenes areas in the aquatic management center.

It is pricey...and I would never recommend it to anyone for that reason, but if you are headed there anyhow...
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I went to Atlantis for a long weekend. It was "comped" from the casino.
We stayed at the coral tower (quasi close to casino)

We toured the entire grounds even past the security for the cove area pools - until we found out we were not allowed there.

Beautiful place, EXPENSIVE PLACE.

My comp room cost me $60/day in fees.
And the resort food was ok.... We walked past the amazing marina to the row of stores and restaurants. They were still on the property and still added the 15% automatically.

I'd go back in a heartbeat though.
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I got suckered into going to that tourist trap.

I spent 3 hours wondering why in the hell I am walking around such a place on a tropical island.

Packed up my bag and went and started walking around and met a few locals down where they dock the cruise ships. Ended up meeting a few locals through them and ended up sleeping in a local families backyard for the remainder of my vacation. One of the best vacations ever.
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How'd your wife and kids enjoy the back yard?
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We have stayed at The Cove several times.
Very nice place with amazing suites. We are normally not resort people but I must say this was one of my favorite places to visit. The Cove is kid free and although a father of 3 young ones I really enjoyed eating dinner and hanging out in a posh environment without all of the crying, bitching and snot slinging that's usually associated with large resorts.
Some of you might give me a hard time for this but one of the first things we did upon arrival was make reservations for 10-12 people at several restaurants each night and sometimes for various times. This allowed us to pick where/when we wanted to eat whether alone or with guests.
There are shuttles out front that will take you anywhere in the resort. I though that this would be a pain in the ass however they are very efficient.
Everything at Atlantis is terribly expensive, especially the food and drinks. Our breakfast every morning was around $70.
The first trip was for my wife's presidents club as well. We were on a meal plan and she got a Visa card preloaded with $5k that could be used for alcohol or whatever we wanted. Once I saw the pricing of everything I found a local market off campus close to the marina. I purchased beer, snacks, crown, wine etc and brought it to our room which prob saved us over $1k. I admit I did feel silly walking through the hotel lobby with cases of beer and boxes filled with liquor and wine.
What I enjoyed about Atlantis in general was that in one single day I could be poolside, a beach bum, ride the lazy river, day drink, go fish offshore, gamble in board shorts and flip flops at the nickel slots, act like a kid, mingle with the famous, eat at open air beachside grills, shop, enjoy an evening booze cruz, hang out at a marina and talk boats, people watch, gamble in a tux at high limit tables, eat at a fine dining establishments and cap the night off drunk making out with my wife on the beach.
We bring a bag cooler and tumblers with us on every trip and they came in very handy hanging out at the beach. Instead of having to go back and forth for drinks we could hang out all day with waters, beer, cocktails and fresh ice.
Play close attention as you walk around The Cove, there are usually actors, musicians etc hanging out. Make sure you check out the marina as you will see some of the most amazing yachts & triple engine tenders.

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The wife and I were there last year this week. Had a good time but it isn't cheap. Also there is an open air bar and grill called the Green Parrot. Awesome hole in the wall. We got to it by walking. Head down to the bridge that you come over to the island on and stay to the left. Walk past the police station aand you will see sitting back in the corner. It is right on the water. Neat place to drink a beer and eat a taco. Enjoy
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Definitely a bucket place stop. NOT your typical relaxing island vacation. More like Vegas meets disney in the Caribbean. Like the above poster stated, we were there three times in ten years and saw celebs each time that were more than willing to engage in conversation which was cool. Bring your wallet and all your credit cards and even your piggy bank. With just minimum gambling it's ten grand a week for a family of four. And it goes up from there. Food good not great, casino great, aquarium great, water attractions great, room just good. I'll probably go back again but not in a big rush. Too many other places to try.
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Wife and I were there this time last year. Work conference for her.

Even with a free room and her flight paid for we still felt ripped off. Everything was an extra gym $15-20?/day just glad they didn't charge extra for using the elevator to get to your room.

Food was sub par at best. Most days we either hit the beach or walked off the resort to see Nassau. Spent as little time as possible there.

Every night we left Atlantis and ate at local restaurants. I would highly recommend Van Breugels.
Small place off the beaten track. Owner is a riot, made sure you felt at home. Second night in three days we ate there he baked us a kick ass desert and made us do some grappa shots with him.
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