Im a father X2

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Default Im a father X2

Well gents despite fighting it for a long time nature took its course and my wife got pregnant... 12 weeks later we find out its twins! 2 weeks ago exactly my baby boy and baby girl were born. I am going to name the next boat "Twins and Done". Meet Edward and Amelia
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Look at that pic. Wow.
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Congratulations! They are beautiful. Your life is now changed, but don't worry it is changed for the better. Before my son was born (now 6) I thought a kid would seriously impact my life in that the fun was over. I was wrong, while it takes more planning with young kids you can still have fun. But when you hold them and watch them grow, they all of a sudden become the most important thing in your life.
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Congrats! Fantastic!
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Very nice, congrats.
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thats the best present you will ever get!!! congrats!!!
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very nice, congrats!
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That's awesome! My twin sons turned 19 last month. Every day goes by faster, cherish every moment.
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No matter how successful you have been, are now, or will be in the future, you have already produced your greatest two accomplishments of your life. Congratulations, and please never forget the word discipline over the next 18 years of their lives!

Again.....Congradulations young man.
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Congrats!! My buddy has a daughter whos seven and two years ago he was blessed with triplet boys! Your one lucky man having one of each at the same time, awesome!!
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Congratulations. What a sweet picture.
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Great picture. Congrats. My daughter is the best thing to happen to me and I am sure you feel the same way about those 2!
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Congrats! Beautiful pic.
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That is awesome news! What a great photo!
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My twin sons are 14 now but I remember the early days so well! It is an amazing experience
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WOW....Congratulations! Welcome to the club of fatherhood, the greatest known club around.

Now go out and buy a boat and get the kids out there! Mine were out there at 3 months old!
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Congrats to you & Mrs. Searosis. Beautiful pic. We started taking our daughter out on our boat (cuddy at the time) when she was 4 mos. old. As she grew, she developed a love for boats and the ocean. I'm guessing yours will be steered in that direction too.
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Congrats and boy are you in for an experience!

I had boy/girl twins 24 years ago and named my boat, "twins tuition"

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