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Default Home Audio Question?

Trying to figure out how to get Apple TV to play audio on patio speakers?

Stereo receiver is in garage.
When I originally set everything up I ran audio through Direct TV box which works fine when watching cable.
When I added(yesterday) Apple TV I used an HDMI cable to a seperate input therefore audio is only played through tv speakers.
How can I get the audio to play over patio speakers?

Apple TV box has an HDMI plug, direct tv box has a USB.
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Run the audio through the receiver, so you can choose which output is used (DirecTV or Apple TV). Are the speakers connected to the receiver?
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I just checked the newest AppleTV spec and it does not show having any audio or video connections other then the HDMI. Not knowing what DirectTV box you have, does it have an audio out that you can send the audio signal to the receiver like Firefly mentioned? Does your receiver have an HDMI connection where you could go direct from the AppleTV to the receiver, and then send the video signal from the receiver to you DirectTV box or direct to your TV?
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Lots of TVs have audio out with RCA plugs. You could use those.
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You need a digital to analog converter to take the toslink to RCA connections for the garage receiver.
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Or a airport express on wifi in the garage hooked to the stereo.
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Or a chromecast audio hooked in to the stereo. It is nice to cast from the phone on the native applications like pandora or iheartradio. You can control the volume from the phone and still make calls while the music is playing. The music is streamed via wifi to the chromecast. It will still play even if you turn the phone off. Easy solution for 35 bucks.
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