Help me choose a .30-06

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Default Help me choose a .30-06

I recently took a vacation to WI and developed AOHD, Adult Onset Hunting Disorder. Next year I'm going back for deer season, but I'm not sure I can wait so long. I'm in FL so boar hunting is also an option, and I love boar meat almost as much as venison. My uncle let me shoot a couple semi-auto .30-06s with wood stocks and I loved them both, unfortunately he didn't let me bring either of them home. I'm pretty sure a .30-06 will be my first hunting rifle, but there are so many options and I have so little experience. I'll probably buy used, as I have an entry-level budget and I can get more bang for my buck (sorry).

Bolt-action vs semi-auto: I'm not worried about the bolt gun slowing me down much but I don't know how much more recoil it will have compared to the semi.

Stock: Synthetic seems cheaper than wood, which is a good thing, but it's also lighter. How much does that affect the recoil?

Scope: I can't imagine hunting anything other that boar or deer in the next few years, I'd imagine 150 yards tops. How much magnification do I need? Is "want" much different than "need"?

Thanks in advance.
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Ive had a remington 7400 in .30-06 for years. Its been a good gun but has been prone to jam. Had to have a smith do some lght sanding of the breach and hasnt had the problem since.Its a good gun but am now thinking of a new Savage in .308 with stainless barrel and composite stock. Savage makes a very good rifle these days.
I believe WI is about like Maine as far as flora...therefore a low power scope is all you need. Leupold and Nikon make good glass.
As far as recoil goes, if you shoot at the range alot, you will notice recoil. I use a lead sled for sighting in. When shooting at game, you wont notice a thing. Adrenaline.

oh....good luck with the addiction. Its as bad as fishing.
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I have the Remington 700 XCR in .30-06 and I love it, really smooth and accurate.
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Go find a nice Remington 700 ADL or BDL in your preferred caliber. I have several 700's and they are by far my favorite rifle.

No idea what your overall budget is, but on the low end (but still excellent) a Bushnell Elite is a good choice, if you want something a little nicer but still not out of this world look into Meopta glass.

For me, it's not about magnification as much as light gathering ability. Try and get something that is either x50 or x56 if you can.
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This place has a lot to offer.
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You need to define your budget.

I wouldn't rule out a .270 for what you describe either.

The Savage line with accutrigger is a great gun for the money.

For some more coin the Remington 700 BDL is very hard to beat.

I wouldn't own a semi-auto high powered rifle personally.

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There may be more opinions on this than boats but I will give my thoughts.

1. 30-06 is fine, probably the most common cartridge used in our lifetime for hunting deer

2. 30-06 is not the only caliber that is suited to your task. 243, 270, 7mm-08, 7mm Mag, 308, and a host of wildcat rounds will do just fine; even an old 30-30 at the range you describe and may be better for brush than a high velocity, lower grain bullet. I wouldn't do a wildcat round though...stick with what you can find easily and cheap in any store.

3. At ranges closer than 150 yards, you don't really need high powered optics but take your budget for optics and double it. Most everyone spends too much on the rifle and too little on the optics.

4. Get a synthetic stock. More resistant to scratches, lighter equals easier to aim unsupported and less to carry.

5. If you're worried about recoil, you can do a few things. Get a recoil pad, get a muzzle brake, go down to a smaller caliber.

6. If you're walking thru and hunting in brush, a shorter rifle is nicer to carry around.

7. In bolt-action... Remington, Browning, Savage, Ruger, Weatherby, Sako... pick your flavor and budget

8. I've hunted hogs with an AR and red dot scope, as well as a 1-4x power scope. Always hunted deer with a bolt action but I know guys have done it fine with a AR; I would choose 308 if hunting with an AR.

9. Bolt action rifles with a low mounted scope often require less adjustment for holdover at various ranges than a AR due to the height distance between the line of sight and the barrel. Very easy to make a bad shot with an AR at 150 yards when the rifle is zeroed at 25 yards if you don't know the trajectory. This can be mitigated by using a 50-yard zero though.

This will give you an idea of trajectories with a bolt action rifle at the ranges you're planning to hunt.
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You should shoot a couple of other calibers before settling in on the 30-06. The venerable .06 is far more round than 99.5% of Joe Blow average hunter needs and comes with the attendant recoil,blast, and expense issues to be expected with such a situation. Try to pull the trigger a few times on a 7-08, 7X57, and .308 before making your final caliber decision. The two 7's will bring down anything in North America although not the best choice for big bear or moose. The .308 will bring down anything in North America, and most of Africa. All of them are considerably cheaper and more pleasant to shoot than the .06
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Some states do not allow hunting with semi auto The Remington 700 is hard to beat
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I liked my .06 but I love my 22-250 with a synthetic stock. Get the best optic you can afford.
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a 700.oo scope on a 300.00 rifle is far better than a 300.00 scope on a 700.00 rifle.
I shoot Weatherby, in 270 with Zeiss optics, if your dead set on a Remington do not buy new. They were purchased a couple years ago by a management corp and have started cutting corners.

Look at a Howa, its they same company that builds the Weatherbys, a lot of gun for the cost.

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I been hunting with a remington 700 BDL 30-06 for over 30 years. Recoil is not bad with the 150 grain bullets. Accurate and flat shooting for the distance you described. 150 are more than enough bullet for the game you described. I would go with a 3x9x 40-50mm scope. Nikon and bushnell make a good scope for the money. You have the 3x for field of view and 9x for sighting in or a longer shot if you have time. You would be surprised how much more noticeable your wobble if at 9x vrs 3x Might make the difference in hitting or missing at 150 yards.
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If you are just starting rifle hunting, consider a .243 bolt action. Lighter recoil than a .30-06 and plenty powerful enough for a Midwestern whitetail. A friend of mine has been successful deer hunting with a .243 in Michigan for years and is very satisfied with the cartridge..

If you are determined to buy a semi-auto .30-06 and have budget limits, look for a used Remington Woodsmaster 740/742/7400/750. Remington has been making these rifles since 1955, there are lots of them on the used gun market and you can get one for as little as $300.
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I have a used Remington 742 Woodsmaster in 30 06 as my go to deer gun for rifle hunts. I put a descent Nikon 3X9 optic on top. Great gun no problems with jamming.

I have several hunting rifles with Nikon optics on top of them (slug gun, and two other rifles) for the money they are clear, durable and above average glass and a good warranty(although I have never had to use it). I cant recommend them enough for moderate priced glass... I also freely admit I am NO EXPERT in optics just relaying my experience..
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I'm a Remington 700 guy personally. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with a 700.

However, I own a super sweet Winchester 670a 30-06. The older 670a rifles were a great rifle at a great price. Seems like you can pick them up for next to nothing used these days.
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I am a hunter, and shooter. But also a gunsmith. Stay away from the 740,742,7400, series of rifles. Period. They are great when working but troublesome. I shoot bolt guns( Rem and Howa) but love a good semi auto too. The Browning BAR rifles are fantastic, as are the Benelli R1 rifles if you want an auto over a bolt gun. Of course there are the AR platform 308's as well.
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Originally Posted by jtburf View Post
a 700.oo scope on a 300.00 rifle is far better than a 300.00 scope on a 700.00 rifle.
I shoot Weatherby, in 270 with Zeiss optics, if your dead set on a Remington do not buy new. They were purchased a couple years ago by a management corp and have started cutting corners.

Look at a Howa, its they same company that builds the Weatherbys, a lot of gun for the cost.

270 is a nice flat round. My vote.
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Ruger No. 1 available in most calibers mentioned here.
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You said you have entry level budget. Look at the Remington 770. A friend won a .270 stainless with synthetic camo stock at a local whitetails banquet. It's shooting 1" groups at 150 yards with the scope that came on the gun. I wouldn't keep the scope myself. I would take a look at Vortex scopes. Made in WI. ( I think)
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Nothing wrong with the .06. If it a deer only rifle, I would encourage you to check out a 25.06 or a .243. My .06 is a Savage 116. It has a synthetic stock, stainless barrel, accu-trigger, accu-stock and a super soft recoil pad. It drives tacks and is super-reliable. My PH in the RSA wanted to buy it from me. I would spend my money on optics. Better to put a quality scope on a decent gun, than a shit scope on a Cadillac rifle. The price of quality only stings once.
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