summer cold

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Default summer cold

I hardly get colds in winter usually around this time i get one.

Really dont need this especially after a full week of sickness from under cooked on the grill blue crab diet that helped me shed 15 pounds 2 weeks ago.
Mental note always boil the crabs.
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Caught a cold from a plane trip couple weeks ago. Least I think it was from the trip. Lost smell and taste, the usual for me. Only good thing about it was it went away after a week compared to when allergies fire up they last several weeks. Get well soon.
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I am on my second week of it...

Usually summer/fall colds
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I hope this passes quick the blue crab food poison thing took a lot out of ..literally lol
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Yeah, I'm with you. I've been feeling like crap for the past few days. I woke up last night freezing and soaked from sweating.

Not fun, not fun at all.
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The sneezing crab trots would of been epic.
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To avoid a cold in the fall:

Step 1: Don't touch your eyes with your fingers unless you've just sanitized your hands.
Step 2: Avoid school age children or those who have school age children.
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I just got over my first ever "late summer/early fall" cold. It was a full week of congestion and runny nose. Damn odd, glad to be feeling better now.
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I'm glad for whoever is feeling better whoever is not I hope you feel better the sneezing crab trotS would have got me too Lol .
Right now im miserable.
Itsnot even like a flu no fever
Nose runny sore throat.
Just achey.
Going to have a little supper and hit the hay after the eclipse .
Thanks for the support it helps a lot
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brother had to get a "flu shot" at his work got sick for a week and now I have a dang cold too
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