Action Shooting- first time

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Default Action Shooting- first time

I went to my local gun range yesterday to participate in their action shooting course. All I can say is, I'm sorry I put off going for so long. Man, what a blast and a real learning experience!

I pretty much sucked the first go around....shooting targets out of order and occasionally double tapping when it called for a single shot. Second time was better but I still need a lot of practice. Great bunch of friendly people to compete with too.

I used my FN 5.7 pistol. While accurate, I couldn't see the holes in the cardboard as they were pretty small. This messed with my confidence. Next time , I'll try it with one of my CZ's in 9mm.

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Its a hoot isnt it? I dont know about Ohio but there are several ranges across the border in PA from Erie to da 'burgh that get some good competitions going on. Ill see if I can find my list. Some are fun for a beginner, some are pretty serious and you get some assholes that forget they were beginners at one time. Go buy a reloading kit, it gets addictive and expensive. The Lee Pro1000 is affordable and you can crank out some serious roundage. Theyre cheap enough that I have one in 9mm, .40, .45, and .223 so I dont have to change dies.
We use live action training at work, only we act as targets and shoot back. Course we use sim rounds with little plastic paint pellets. They look like real rounds except with a plastic ccolored bullet. Now thats fun. Hurts a bit though.
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