Nose vs bat

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Default Nose vs bat

Spent a good part of last evening in the ER after my 7 year old walked up behind my 9 year old while he was swinging an aluminum baseball bat. Got him right in the bridge of the nose and broke it in a few pieces per the CT scan. Poor little guy looks like a prize fighter but is handling it pretty well.

We need to follow up with a face trauma specialist tomorrow but I'm wondering how long the road to recovery will be. ER dr. said no school for at least a week. Man it is hard to see your kids get hurt.
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Man,that has got to hurt. Hopefully his mouth and teeth are ok.
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Ouch! Sorry to hear that.
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I'd make sure a pediatric plastic surgeon is involved. Obviously kids bones and cartilage are different than adults and ped surgeons are trained to factor those differences, growth rates,etc.

Hope he's ok.
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Sorry to hear - hope he recuperates quickly. Second on the notion of getting a specialist involved. We did not do this quickly enough when our daughter cut herself-ER doc sewed her up no big deal. COuple weeks go by she can't move her finger. Turns out she cut her tendon so they had to go back in re-attach tendon which by then had shrunk. Painful and could have been avoided if we went to a ped specialist initially. Good luck!
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I deal with and have had my nose broken multiple times, kids heal really, really well. Each and every time a youngster I have been working with has had their nose broken, I ALWAYS have a nueorosurgun examine them just to be 100% sure nothing was missed.

Here's to hoping all is well with your greatest invention!
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sorry to hear that. that must have been difficult to watch happen. had my 9 year old daughter drop a large rock on my 7 year old son's thumb. it was pretty nasty looking and very hard to look at
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Hope the little one heals quickly.

My first nose break was at 9, bike wreck. My second was at 15, wrestling with a buddy. The end of my nose was almost 90 degrees from where it normally was. On that one, they put a plaster cast on my nose, spread out on my cheeks and over my eye brows. Everybody at school wanted to sign it. There was no way that was happening. Just touching it hurt like hell for a couple of weeks. I think the cast was on for 3 weeks or so.
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